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Danish Prosecutor Harassing Sea Shepherd-Abusing EU Law So Whale and Dolphin Slaughter Can Continue

The Law According to Danish Prosecutor Linda Hesselberg:

by Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson:

Linda Hesselberg, the Danish Prosecutor defending the cruel slaughter of Pilot Whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands has a very strange understanding of the law.

The Grind': Annual whale slaughter begins in Faroe Islands

The Grind’: Annual whale slaughter begins in Faroe Islands

Last year the Sea Shepherd U.K. fast small boat SPITFIRE was arrested for “harassing” dolphins by preventing them from being driven towards the Faroese waiting to slaughter them. The case was stalled, and stalled and stalled and the SPITFIRE was kept in detention. Now a full year later the SPITFIRE remains in Faroese custody and the case has not been tried nor has a date been set for a hearing or a trial. Linda forgets that “Justice delayed is Justice denied.”

This year the tender for the BRIGITTE BARDOT was seized by the police for being within a nautical mile of a Pilot whale slaughter. The court ordered it confiscated. The two crew in the tender could not even see the whales when stopped by the Danish Navy.

This year the FARLEY was also arrested by the Danish Navy when it was not anywhere near any dolphins and a whale kill had not even been called. The case against the two crewmembers was dismissed yet the FARLEY continues to be held because Linda Hesselberg wants proof of who owns the FARLEY. The owner of the FARLEY presented the certificate of ownership to the Court but Linda Hesselberg refuses to accept the document as proof of ownership. Of course since she knows the boat came from the SAM SIMON she should simply return the FARLEY to the SAM SIMON. But as with the case with the SPITFIRE, she continues to abuse her office by stalling the legal process. The question here is if the case was dismissed than what authority does she have to retain custody of a boat that the court has ruled was not even involved in a crime. This is not justice it is pure vindictiveness.

The ECHO was unlawfully turned over to the Danish Navy by the Scottish police. A Scottish court order suspended the handing over of the ECHO to the Danish Navy but despite this the police in Lerwick handed the ECHO over to the warship KNUT RASMUSSEN. This is being contested in the Scottish Court.

It is for this reason that I have issued an appeal to replace these four fast small boats.

The Danish Prosecutor, the Danish Police, the Danish Navy and the Danish Courts have been abusing their membership in the EU by using EU laws to persecute Sea Shepherd and exempting themselves from EU laws that hold the Grindadrap illegal.

Sea Shepherd intends to challenge the legality of this on many levels and we intend to continue opposition to this barbaric and horrendously cruel slaughter of cetaceans.

The Faroese are saying we can’t raise the funds for this appeal despite the fact that we have raised 40% of the goal for this appeal during the last week.

We need to demonstrate to the Danes and especially to Denmark’s equivalent of Cruella De Ville i.e. Linda Hesselberg that we have a solid support base.

So consider donating if you have not already done so and if you have done so please share or repost this appeal.

We can reach our goal if we all chip in.

This is the link and you can donate by credit card in $, €, £, or Danish Kroner.


Captain Paul Watson's photo.
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