Three Hot Tips For Those Attending A Conference or Seminar


Over the past couple of years after closing a few large deals after going to conferences and seminars in my industry, the company that I work for put me on conference and seminar duty. Generally I go with the employees who the conference targets the most but from what I have learned from working in my industry that it is the same people often times. I learned quite a few things for those who haven’t been to a large business conference, this can be a great guide.

Calendar Reminders

Most conferences will have some sort of calendar that you can sync up to your phone that will allow people to see changes in the schedule. There should be an online events calendar that you can subscribe to or use via an app or software. Meeting with current and potential clients is going to dominate free time when at a conference. It is important to have calendar reminders and add events immediately once you have set a meeting up. Missing a meeting is worse than not setting one up at all and with the hectic nature of conferences it can be easy to forget something important. Do not leave anything to chance and have everything written down on paper as well as inputted onto your online calendar.

Don’t Overdo It On The First Night

After attending quite a few conferences in Las Vegas, it is easy to point out those who went out partying but then had to be present for a speaker the next day. This can be easily pointed out by the sunglasses on indoors among a bunch of other factors. While it might seem tempting to have a few extra drinks with a potential or current client, make sure that you pace yourself for the entirety of your stay. Make sure to hang out long enough to maintain the relationship but do not take the chance of being too inebriated and making a fool of yourself. Actually, this section should be labels don’t overdo it on any night as losing a client because of drunken actions is going to be difficult to explain to management.

Follow Up Multiple Times

Trying to have a unique conversation with somebody is a great way to have them remember you. If this isn’t a possibility and you have gotten a business card, it is important to follow up via phone and email to see if they’d like to sign a contract or if they are still interested in learning more about what your company has to offer. Connecting on LinkedIn is a great way to help them remember a face as some people are bad with names. I am lucky as I am one of the few women who regularly attends these conferences so people have an easier time remembering me. If a person doesn’t get back to you then follow up again as they probably have had quite a few emails if they were giving out their card frequently.

Going to conferences can be a blast and once you have been to a city multiple times, you can customize your trip to your liking. While many people think that conferences are just a place for high ranking employees to party, there are huge deals that are signed and long-term business relationships started!

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