An Englishman Takes a Look at Brexit Since the Vote


An American Facebook pal of mine posted a very funny picture on my site. It was a cloud that bore a remarkable resemblance to Great Britain. The words written beneath were “Britain leaves the EU and floats off to cloud cuckoo land”. It made me smile. I suspect it made the remain camp weep.

It’s still going on you know, this Brexit thing. Yes, we did indeed vote to leave the EU but no, the remain people just won’t take it on the chin and accept defeat.

Democracy? Don’t be silly they are saying. The British people made a mistake so we must hold another referendum so they can get it right!

If you think your Presidential business carries on for an eternity I’ve a feeling our Brexit business will carry on even longer. It will probably still be going on if I live to get a telegram from the Queen congratulating me on reaching 100 years old – mind you, come to think on it, that would make her about 130 so I suspect the telegram might not be from her. I mean to say, she is a game old bird but even with the private medical care I can’t think even the Queen will make it to 130!

Anyway. Brexit is carrying on – and on and on and on and on.

OI! Wake up at the back! If we have to put up with your interminable election stuff the least you can do is pay attention!

I find it interesting that immigration was clearly a major factor in Britain voting to leave the EU. Belgium, Germany and France have all recently fallen victim to Islamic State and, whilst some have been ‘home grown’ terrorists many have been asylum seekers or refugees.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in trouble for inviting them all over and France’s President is looking over his shoulder at France’s right wing party who are rapidly gaining ground.

Even the ‘home grown’ terrorists have not been indigenous. Invariably they have been first or second generation immigrants from, primarily, the Middle East.

The EU is clearly still reeling from Britain’s decision to leave and, indeed, British politicians are still trying to find some way of wriggling out of actually leaving. What planet these people are on is a mystery to me. The British people said ‘leave’ so, democratically speaking, we must leave. Rocket science? Well, it seems to be for some.

I’ve got a great idea.

Let’s ignore the democratic wishes of the British people and remain in the EU. Then we can continue with mass immigration from the EU. Then, as middle eastern refugees apply and are granted EU citizenship we can let them in too and when a few of them turn out to be terrorists they can start shooting and blowing up people in Britain too.

If someone had written book with this as it’s story line several years ago I suspect it wouldn’t have been published as it would have been considered too far fetched.

The Islamic State actually stated that they intended to send it’s so called ‘soldiers’ into Europe with the intention of causing mayhem and murder and yet the EU continued and continues to allow middle eastern people in and, lo and behold, a French Priest gets his throat cut, a rock concert is shot to hell, bombs and bullets fly around and the politicians are shocked and surprised.

When Britain voted, much to everyone’s surprise including the leave campaign, to actually leave the EU I honestly believed that the EU death knell had sounded as a result. I was so so wrong.

The EU death knell sounded when the first Islamic State atrocity occurred and the peoples of Europe realised that the EU was primarily to blame by allowing in so many from the middle east.

It is sacrosanct to membership of the EU that you allow the free movement of EU citizens around all member states.

That sacrosanct rule cost a Priest in France his life in a particularly horrific way. His throat was cut.

Europe is at war. It has been at war for several years now. Europe has been here before but then it knew where it’s enemy was and, with considerable assistance from Britain and, eventually, America, the enemy was defeated.

Europe knows where it’s enemy is now too except it isn’t a particular country in Europe. The enemy now are, in many cases, citizens of Europe and free to travel around Europe.

The last time Europe was at war Britain and America knew where to drop their bombs. This time only the enemy know where to set off their bombs and Europe has no idea how to stop them travelling freely around Europe let alone how the hell to bomb them back.

Britain needs to stop pontificating about Brexit. The vote is done. Now the deed needs to be done. Without a shadow of a doubt we already have the enemy within. The longer we take to leave the EU formally and take back control of our borders the more of the enemy will arrive.

That isn’t scare mongering and, if you think it is, think of a French Priest who had his throat slit. The only way Britain can move further away from an unwinnable war is to not be a part of it with open borders. Even then we will have to deal with the enemy already within our borders but at least we can stop their numbers increasing.

I wish I hadn’t written that. Now I’m depressed. Never mind. Let’s have another beer. At my age and with the arthritis coming on apace a few beers help me cross my fingers and, frankly, that is the only thing Europe can do.



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One Response to An Englishman Takes a Look at Brexit Since the Vote

  1. Cherries Reply

    August 15, 2016 at 10:43 am

    Same old Norman or your new name, typical UKIP or worse opinions.
    Your leader Farage said if the vote was as close as it turned out to be he would have wanted a second referendum!
    So there should be right?
    Seems a lot of people regret voting to leave after finding out the lies that were told and how it’s all now going wrong and we’re not even officially out yet!

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