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Meet Adam: He Is A Refugee, Citizen, Muslim, and Patriot-He’s Not A Piece of Candy


Everyone, meet Adam. Adam was a refugee from Iraq. He participated in the uprising against Saddam in the late 80’s as a young man. He believed Bush (the 1st) when he said he would back them up. Then he fled to Saudi Arabia when Saddam returned and began killing his friends, relatives, and coworkers.

Adam spent three years and two months in a refugee camp in northern Saudi Arabia with his family, all the while, living in deplorable conditions that most Americans would consider beneath them. After 38 months of intense vetting and interviews (all of which are standard practice for refugee applicants) he was told that he was getting a ticket to the US.

Adam found work immediately as a long haul truck driver. He then went even further and became a citizen. Not stopping there, Adam applied to become a translator for the military. He willingly went back to Iraq with our soldiers and spent two years helping to protect his fellow citizens. After his contract was up, he reapplied and went back to help in the hunt for the now deposed Saddam Hussein. His unit searched high and low with no results. Adam’s contract ended on Dec 9, 2003. He left the country and headed back to the US feeling like he had failed. While he was switching planes, his phone rang. One of the soldiers from the unit he’d worked with called him to tell him (the day before the media broke the story) that they’d found Saddam just a few miles from where Adam had last helped them search.

Adam is a medical transportation driver, currently. But not for long. Just yesterday, he was contacted with a job offer to return to Iraq and work with representatives from the State Department and the Iraqi government. He leaves in just a few weeks.

Adam WAS a refugee. Adam is now a citizen. Adam is a muslim. Adam is a patriot. Adam is a human being. Adam is my friend. Adam is a much better American than many examples I’ve seen, lately. Adam is NOT a piece of candy.

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5 years ago

Hi Adam! Your eyes seem kind. Thank you for your brave service. This country took my family in when we had no safety or peace in Eastern Europe anymore, & we gave back. It sounds like you are doing the same, & now it’s time for you & your family to become part of this tapestry. We are richer for your presence.

Neil Bamforth
Neil Bamforth(@neil-bamforth)
5 years ago

Candy? He sounds like a very good egg to me!

Michael John Scott
Michael John Scott(@madmikesamerica)
5 years ago

Great read. Just great.