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Why I Am Voting For Hillary Clinton

hillary-clinton-thumbs-upLike many of you I’ve a lot of acquaintances who are on, shall we say, the conservative side of the street when it comes to politics. That is fine with me because that is one of the things that has always made this country great. Having progressives, or libruls as they call some of us, and conservatives, has help this country strike a balance. It keeps us close the the middle and not too far one way or another. If one could go back and dig in the minds of those who designed this form of government I believe that was purposeful.

I also strongly believe that both sides have a role to play in the management of the affairs of this country. Whether others take the time to look for common ground or not that is what it takes to run a country of well over three hundred million people. The problem we have had over the last decade or so has been an attitude on both sides. It is my way or the highway. This was started, I believe, by the Tea Party which was intended to sound patriotic by borrowing from the historic tossing of tea into the Boston Harbor by some of the colonists. Well, that, in and of itself, really did not contribute to the founding of this country. It was, like some of the antics today, like a temper tantrum that was done and over with in a fairly short period of time. But, it was a statement much like the news reporter in the movie Network who screamed  “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it any more.”

Those are statements of frustration and they rarely get much accomplished by themselves. Why? Well, one must first understand that the design of this country’s government was to prevent sudden changes and as time has progressed the bureaucracy has made that even more difficult. The purpose is to save us from ourselves.

We, meaning Americans, have faced many crises in the past and we will continue to face them in the future. We faced a civil war that caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of our citizens. We faced McCarthyism which turned people against each other in a fierce battle over communism. But in the end, the structure of the country’s government did not change. The rule of law stayed in effect. Now it is to be tested again.

Donald Trump intends to change the structure of government. I say that based upon his comments and the things he wants to accomplish. Those who believe that Trump will make a good president is based on the belief that he is a great businessman. Even if that were true running the government is far different than running businesses.

When one owns a business, as Trump does, one can make a decision and it things happen. Trump, while owning two casinos in Atlantic City decided that he wanted to own a third one that was bigger than both of the others put together. He could not get the money from the banks so he reverted to using “junk bonds” to get the money. He said, I want, and he got. According to one analyst he needed to clear a million dollars a day to pay the bills for the new casino. He had that analyst fired for writing that story. The analyst sued Trump and won.

As we all know, that led to Trump’s largest bankruptcy of about four billion dollars. The lenders actually kept him afloat so he could help sell off his assets and they could recoup their money. Of course, no one was looking out for the small business people and the employees that never got paid. So, we just let that slide for now.

What we cannot let slide is the fact that as president Trump cannot get what he wants just because he wants. The POTUS has limited powers but they are dangerous powers. While he might like to forbid any Muslim from entering this country there is the matter of the First Amendment of the Constitution. While he may get to pick Supreme Court Justices they may not all turn out the way he would like. Anyone considered for the Supreme Court would have to be a serious jurist and they sometimes have a mind of their own once they get that seat for life. The Republicans thought they had it made when Earl Warren was appointed Chief Justice. It did not turn out that way.

Donald Trump simply doesn’t understand how government works compared to the private sector. He stated that he would have the Supreme Court investigate the judge with Mexican heritage who was sitting on his Trump University case. That won’t happen because the Supreme Court does not investigate anything. But Mr. Trump doesn’t understand that. The American government employs about two million people and most of them civil service. They cannot be fired simply because he wants them fired. They are protected by law.

So I say to all of my Right Wing acquaintances be careful what you wish for with Mr. Trump. A man that admires the Russian President Putin for the way he runs his country may not be the person you think he is. Russia runs their politics at the wrong end of a gun as Putin’s challenger found out, albeit too late. Another person Trump said he admires, Kim Jong Un, had his uncle killed because he spoke against him. What will Mr. Trump do when people disagree with him and/or his policies? Will we have a string of lawsuits against members of congress or news organizations, or will his detractors suddenly begin to disappear into the good night. How will a President Donald Trump separate himself from his business interests all over the world? He owes hundreds of millions dollars to Russian businesses; what if they suddenly start demanding their money from his business interests.

Hillary Clinton is not perfect, but she does understand how government works. At a minimum, the Republicans will hold onto the House of Representatives and perhaps even the Senate. In any event she will have to find ways to work with some of the Republicans in order to get some of her programs in place. Trump has yet to explain his health care program except to say that he is going to throw it open to the health care insurers to compete for business. That is what we had before the Affordable Care Act when 40 million people could not afford health care insurance so everyone just went to the emergency room.

In conclusion, my fine and fair acquaintances and friends, you get to pick your poison. You can look at 30-years of public service of Hillary Clinton during which she has done far more good than harm. Or you take you chances with Mr. Trump who we know is a thin skinned, megalomaniac who has hustled and conned thousands of people out of their money staying just within the law, at least as far as we know.

Personally, I am going with a known quantity, Hillary Clinton. You Republicans, should Hillary win, need to use your head next time. You had an awesome candidate in John Kasich and you just threw him over for a Donald Trump.

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4 years ago

Clinton is responsible for the death of innocent human beings. Trump is not. Which one would you want every human on the planet to copy?

Jerry Shepherd
Jerry Shepherd
4 years ago

You point out that the southern right wing uses the word “librul” and GW Bush call our country ‘Merca. I have tried to think of other words that Bush contracted but I am at a loss. If you have time and the inclination, maybe you could help me out?

I wish to compliment you for your great article.

Bill Formby
Bill Formby
4 years ago

Thank you both.

Glenn R. Geist
Glenn R. Geist
4 years ago

America needs to read this!

Michael John Scott
Reply to  Glenn R. Geist
4 years ago

I agree! Excellent read.