Mitch ‘Turtle’ McConnell Says Dems Need To Grow Up and You Won’t Believe Why

Senate Majority Leader Turtle McConnell

(NEWSER) – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Democrats need to “grow up” and “get past” the election. The Kentucky Republican is objecting to concerns raised by Democrats that Congress this week will hold hearings to consider nominees for the incoming administration who haven’t completed ethics reviews.

The director of the Office of Government Ethics says in some cases, the nominees haven’t submitted even draft financial disclosures. McConnell tells CBS’ Face the Nation that “all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration in having not only lost the White House, but having lost the Senate.” He added: “I understand that, but we need to sort of grow up here and get past that.” Elsewhere on the Sunday dial, via the AP:

  • More ethics: Trump’s incoming chief of staff, Reince Priebus, tells Fox News Sunday the ethics office has all the information needed and must move faster. “Change was voted for and change we will get.”
  • ObamaCare: McConnell says lawmakers will replace the existing health care law with a GOP version “rapidly.” The promise comes as Reince Priebus says it would be “ideal” if Congress could repeal and replace the law in one fell swoop, but acknowledged that might not happen. McConnell says “we will be replacing it rapidly after repealing it.” He’s not saying how quickly that might happen.
  • Russia: Priebus was in the room when Trump was presented with intel findings, and says that Trump “accepts the fact that Russia and other entities engaged in cyberattacks” against the country. Trump has so far declined to say whether he accepts that Russia intruded on his behalf.
  • Punish Russia: Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham says Trump should “show leadership” and punish Russia. “Even though it didn’t affect the outcome, they tried to interfere. And they need to pay a price.”
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One Response to Mitch ‘Turtle’ McConnell Says Dems Need To Grow Up and You Won’t Believe Why

  1. Bill Formby Reply

    January 10, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    This entire process feel more like a coup than a peaceful transition of power. One of the weirdest examples is that a lot of Trump supporters did not want to do away with ACA, especially if there was not something to replace it that would cover them as well.

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