Soulless Wraith Kellyanne Conway Is On the Wrong Side of Morality

Wraith Queen, by Genie Miller at Deviant Art

“He has debunked this so many times. Why is everything taken at face value? You can’t give him the benefit of the doubt on this and he’s telling you what was in his heart? You always want to go by what’s come out of his mouth rather than look at what’s in his heart.”

–Kellyanne Conway, on the Trump/Streep episode in the hit new series, “Trump’s America.”

Quote, courtesy of New York Times, who have so graciously renewed my 3 free articles, before I have to start hacking their pay-wall, again.

OK. Ready?

1) Trump stated that it was common knowledge that “thousands” of Muslims were “dancing and celebrating” after the 2001 attacks. The actual article stated that “police were questioning a FEW individuals who were ALLEGEDLY seen.” That was the article that Kovaleski had written, and that was the statement he made when Trump did his little “spaz-dance” on national teevee.

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2) “Why is everything taken at face value?” [???] What value do you suggest, you dead-eyed, soulless wraith?

3) He has NEVER debunked this statement or any other. Many of HIS statements have BEEN debunked, but – just as he’s never apologized or admitted to being mistaken about anything – he’s never actually debunked any of his lies.

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4) As the resident expert, Kellyanne, why don’t YOU tell us what is in his heart? Personally, I don’t think he has one. I think he replaced his with the fuel pump from a 1955 DeSoto. But I will gladly defer to you on this point.

5) Uhm… he’s the fucking President, Kellyanne. What comes out of his mouth is supposed to be important. Let us compare:

“Four score and seven years ago…”
“We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”
“Ask not, what your country can do for you…”

“Hillary flunky who lost big.”

Face it Kellyanne. You might be on the right side of a temporary coup to take control of America – but you’re way on the wrong side of history – and of morality. If there IS a god, and if he does indeed toss evil-doers into the lake of fire, then there’s a special room reserved down there – for YOU.

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One Response to Soulless Wraith Kellyanne Conway Is On the Wrong Side of Morality

  1. Bill Formby Reply

    January 11, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    This woman started off appearing to be a fairly straight shooter but as time went on she drank the Trump kool aid and became just another Trump enabler. She now makes the rounds of the political pundit’s shows with a shit eating grin on her face and backs everything that Trump says and does. She is the worst of worse.

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