Oh Sweet Irony: The Recently Vigorous Gun Industry Is Collapsing Under Trump Regime

by Michael John Scott

Remember those sweating, grinning faces? You know, those folks wearing the red hats screeching “lock her up” at Trump rallies? Well, it’s a safe bet the majority of them were second amendment fanatics, who condemned Obama because the NRA said he was coming for their guns, while he actually never did.

Well, the worm has turned it seems.  These same nutters, confident that their man Trump will make sure they get to keep their guns, aren’t buying any more. Oh sweet irony.

The gun industry and the NRA are quickly learning that they should have been careful what they wished for:

Unfortunately, Trump’s win has had the unintended consequence of throwing the firearms industry into a deep slump, forcing major companies to lay off workers, driving prices deep into the red, and forcing some gun dealers out of business. While the Obama years might have been a dark time for gun rights, the Democrat president was a boon for gun retailers and manufacturers (a fact Obama has admitted himself). Each time the needle ticked further in the direction of gun restriction, Americans flocked to their local gun store and plunked down cash for more irons.

The industry swelled because of the “panic buying,” with new manufacturers popping up, old names in the industry swelling their ranks, and more new gun owners pushing into demographics with previously tepid interest.

In the Trump era, however, that fear is gone, and with it the market’s urgency to beat the clock on the next “commonsense” gun ban. That’s helped nudge iconic gunmakers Colt and Remington to lay off hundreds of workers and shut down entire divisions of their companies, forced manufacturers to close their doors, and prompted retailers and distributors to offer deep discounts on firearms, with one offering an AR-15 rifle at prices below even the cheapest handguns.

“The combination of increased inventory in the channel and a likely decrease in consumer demand for the near term has made for a more challenging sell-through environment,” said a top executive with gunmaker Ruger during a February 23 investor call.

While I do not shed a tear for the CEOs of these companies or for the asocial misfits at the NRA, I do not take much joy in hundreds of people losing their jobs. Especially now since they won’t be able to afford any health care insurance while they seek out a new job which will likely be low paying.

I’m sure that their “brain trusts” are scrambling around to find a new bogeyman in an effort to boost sales again – mostly likely resorting to their old standby, brown- and black-skinned people.

Many thanks to the wonderful folks at Crooks&Liars who wrote most of this article.  I just couldn’t resist adding my two cents in the first two paragraphs.

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4 Responses to Oh Sweet Irony: The Recently Vigorous Gun Industry Is Collapsing Under Trump Regime

  1. Joe Hagstrom Reply

    March 19, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    The sheer business ignorance of the gun industry left me aghast. The best salesman they ever had was President Obama. And the fact is I think there were only three gun laws passed during his term and they expanded rights of gunowners as to where they could carry guns. One of the laws simply made it easier for the US and state law enforcement people to coordinate to speed up background checks. A convenience for those that want to own guns.
    These idiots should have been plowing money into either Hillary or Bernie’s campaign to keep their gravy train going. It’s been a trait of humanity that we want what we think others want to take away whether they want to take it away or not.

  2. Diane G. Reply

    March 20, 2017 at 2:46 am

    Never has schadenfreude felt so sweet.

  3. Bill Formby Reply

    March 20, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    Other than the workers losing their jobs I can only say good riddance to the powerful gun lobby. The idiots who thought that Trump will make them safer will soon find that they feel less safe under a tyrant.

  4. Glenn R. Geist Reply

    March 22, 2017 at 10:16 am

    Oh, I don’t know. Starting last November I began to think of placing a howitzer or two on the front lawn – and maybe digging a moat. All those nice conservative Christian people have from time to time decided not to be so nice to certain other people who have different ideas about magical creatures and invisible deities who love death. So far, so good but you never know what may happen with the local militias if they come to take Trump away in Paddy Wagon One.

    I will tell you for sure, I’m not getting in any box cars or wearing yellow stars. Neither is anyone else if I can help it.

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