The Media Needs To Stop Hemming and Hawing About TrumpCare

by David P. Greenberg

I’m watching MSNBC. Now you know I love me some The Rachel Maddow Show, ’cause she’s got a pair. But the people on Saturday afternoon are still lost in that false equivalency mindset, thinking Trump is a normal ‘president’ and for that matter a normal human being. He is neither, and they don’t seem to get that yet.

But they’re hemming and hawing about TRUMPCARE. They forget that the new Nazi Rubber Stamp Congress has given Trump everything he’s asked for. They voted in Ditzy Daisy as America’s Teacher in Chief, The Stone Oil Baron as our TOP diplomat, Beauregard “Yosemite Sam” Sessions as Chief Racist, and the Foreclosure King as Treasurer. The so-called Democrats – both of them – make a show of resistance, but that dog ain’t got no teeth.

All the Republicans are going to vote for the thing. Right now, they’re all wagging their dicks, because it makes them feel like men, but Trump will bully them into submission soon enough.

So what one of these “Experts” was saying, is that the bloc who will most threaten the bill is this thing called the “Freedom Caucus.” The Fourth and Final Newspeak Dictionary defines “Freedom Caucus” as the most rabid hardline Nazi contingent of the hardline Nazi party. So in other words, if we’re concerned about health care, we need to rely on the nuttiest inmates in the asylum as our last line of defense. And here’s what the “Freedom Caucus” has against TRUMPCARE. It’s not cruel or draconian enough. They want a bill, where poor people would have to consign precious bodily fluids before they could see a doctor.

But what these MSNBC second-stringers don’t get, is that they haven’t yet figured out what they are fighting. Angela Merkel comes to Mar-a-Lago, hoping to finally get a moment to try and talk sanity to the insane despot of America. She should have stayed home and watched teevee. It would have been a more constructive use of her time. If Angela Merkel can’t get anywhere with Trump, what makes you people think you have a snowball’s chance?

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2 Responses to The Media Needs To Stop Hemming and Hawing About TrumpCare

  1. Michael John Scott Reply

    March 19, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    I couldn’t agree more, then again, it depends on who you watch. Maddow, Cuomo, Tapper, Lawrence O’Donnell and etc. use their bully pulpits most effectively, as does the Morning Joe gang, finally. Others should “take a listen.”

  2. BitcoDavid Reply

    March 19, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    Awww, shucks. Thanks for publishing this. 🙂

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