Time For Justice Department To Be Looking Into Trump Lies

by Glenn R. Geist

“I’m not in the job of having evidence.” Says Kellyanne and apparently neither is the failing, fake and furious Donald the Trump holed up in his throne room with a bad case of the tweets. There is no evidence for Trump Tower having been wire tapped by Obama or his administration or anyone else and there isn’t going to be any, but Conway says that’s what investigations are for – to pursue baseless accusations in order to slow down or stop sorting through the little shop of Trumpian horrors.

Are we stupid enough to see her whoopie cushion whoppers as arguments? or are we stupid? Investigations are not about scavenger hunts to find bits of things to prop up fake accusations and cause distraction from well founded observations. Investigations don’t start with assumptions and conclusions. Those are called witch hunts.

Trump may be a foreign agent, may be afraid of information Russia has, may be trying to hide the fact that his cabinet is larded with foreign agents and his past is fraught with deals with foreign nationals, foreign governments and illegal transactions. The data is there. The data is frightening and yet his attempts to keep it hidden rather than to clear it up go unnoticed by his supporters.

Time for the justice department to be in the business of finding answers, doncha think? The close they get, the more he howls about fake news and yet, America doesn’t notice what’s going on and acts like their future depends on cultivating cancer. Do we deserve to survive or do we submit to cultural Darwinism? No evidence? Shut up!

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