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When Exorcism Goes Bad: Crazy Evangelicals Immolate Mother Of Two

St. Francis Borgia (1510-72) Helping a Dying Impenitent, 1795 (oil on canvas)

Jesus does it again.  A story out of a remote mining town in Nicaragua whose details are still being confirmed now has a clear and tragic outcome thanks to religion: The mother of two young children is dead, having suffered burns across 80% of her body. The Washington Post reports on the pieces being put together.

Twenty-five year old Vilma Trujillo Garcia may well have been suffering from a mental health crisis a couple weeks ago and possibly threatened people with a machete. A pastor then arrived at her house and took her to his church to conduct a healing. You know, a HEALING, meaning an exorcism.

He allegedly kept her in the church for a week, and tells police: “God has made me a revelation … that a group of brothers should take the sick woman and tie her up near the fire … so that the demon will leave the body of the sick and go into the fire.”

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Nicaraguan police say the mother was stripped naked, bound, and thrown into the fire. Nine hours later, her teen sister found her in a ravine, and she was taken to a hospital in the capital city of Managua, where she died Tuesday.

Evangelical pastor Juan Gregorio Rocha Romero and four others have now been arrested, reports the AP. Rocha Romero counters that Trujillo Garcia “suspended herself and fell in” as the demon left her body; Jezebel picks up a Spanish-language interview with an advocate for the family who says the woman was battling “mental health problems.”

Trujillo Garcia’s husband says his wife wasn’t demonized, and that “what they did to her was witchcraft.” Nicaraguan VP Rosario Murillo has called the death “a backward situation,” while the Assemblies of God church has distanced itself from the pastor.

Of course, everyone knows, or should, only Catholics can throw out the devil.

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