Disgusting Republicans

Disgusting republicans and Alabama’s George Wallace¬†(AP Photo)

by Bill Formby

As I sit here every morning reading the news from the local paper to the New York Times and Washington Post, my disgust toward the Republicans simply gets worse. It is to the point that I wonder why I torture myself even keeping up with what is going on in government, because there seems to be nothing good coming from it.

Our local paper is, of course, still rattling on about our governor and his affair with a staffer in Montgomery and the fact that he appointed the Attorney General of the state to fill Jeff Sessions vacant Senate seat after he called for the ethics committee to halt its investigation. Why people in Alabama are questioning such an obvious political move is a mystery to me because it has been that way forever in this state. We recently had the speaker of our house of representatives resign because he had been convicted of corruption on a number of levels.

When we look at the national stage it looks even uglier. Again the local paper was lamenting the fact that a federal judge has called on the Federal Election Commission to rethink its standards for candidates who are allowed to participate in the debates for the offices of president and vice president. Basically, according to them, the system is rigged against independent candidates because they rarely get to the necessary 15% in the national polls. They still have it wrong.

The entire system of government that we have in this country is rigged in such a way that only a Republican or a Democrat, usually a republican thanks to gerrymandering, can ever win office. As far as the presidency is concerned it now takes about a billion dollars to get elected regardless of of what Donald Trump says. He never counted the amount of money spent by the various conservative PAC’s to help him get elected. Who knows how much Russia spent.

The Republicans are proving once again that they place themselves and their party ahead of the American people. How low will they stoop to get their way we are yet to know. They held a Supreme Court seat hostage for almost a year in order to get one of their own in that seat and if Ruth Ginsberg does not hold on and if the Democrats don’t take the Senate back in 2018 that will have the court stacked on the conservative side for decades to come.

Then there is the issue of the new president and our family run government. While it is clear that Trump is profiting off of being president by virtue of his weekly trips to Florida or one of his other resorts, he also owns a hotel in Washington, D.C. that rents out its rooms to whomever, including officials from foreign governments. This, of course, is a clear violation of the constitution, but no one will call him on it and say enough is enough. Every time one of his kids goes overseas to one of their properties or to make some type of deal the taxpayers have to cover the costs. And let’s not forget about the nepotism factor of his daughter and her husband practically being his right hand in the office.

The Republicans in the House and the Senate would be screaming their heads off if a Democrat had the gall to do such things but, since they are frightened of the loose cannon in the Oval Office, they say not a word. The Republicans see an opportunity to do what they have not been able to do before. They want to strip the poor of the social safety net that has played such an important role in keeping this country stable as well as to put the working class back where it belongs — under the thumb of the rich.

The Republicans deny the existence of climate change even though 99% of the legitimate scientists in the world tell us it is real and it is devastating the planet. They do this for the immediate gratification of their own wealth and their own power positions. They ride side by side with the NRA despite the fact that people are dying all over the country because of the careless idiots who are allowed to not only own guns but also carry them around with them. Trump put a proven racist in charge of the Justice Department so whatever chance people had for justice in this country is gone for the foreseeable future. Jeff Sessions see nothing wrong with the way the justice systems in this country are run despite the fact that in his own state the prisons are running at 180% of capacity.

My last little tidbit here is what is about to happen with the EPA. Trump says that business and companies that were having problems with regulations of the EPA should write in their complaints on his website. It is no wonder that the site is overrun with complaints. Perhaps one of the most ironic is a couple from BP oil. It was not enough to ruin the Gulf of Mexico once, they want more freedom to drill there now. all the while with¬†an oil well in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska spewing oil. But that’s OK as far as the Republicans are concerned. As long as the money keeps coming in they will keep fighting the good fight against the mean old EPA. As long as business people keep filling the coffers of the Republican party and people like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan they will keep fight against any common sense measures that come up.

Most likely I will be dead before the total impact of these idiots will be felt but I sure dread it for my kids and grandkids.

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4 Responses to Disgusting Republicans

  1. Tall Stacey Reply

    April 19, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    Re: “Most likely I will be dead before the total impact of these idiots will be felt but I sure dread it for my kids and grandkids.”

    Yes me too. I grew up in the fight for our environment, worked for the clean water act and several other causes, and have lived long enough to see eagles fly over my Pennsylvania home, to dare to dip a handful of water to my lips from even the upper Allegheny river, to be able to see for miles from the hill tops in Pittsburgh, to be able to see the bottom of many of the streams we canoe/kayak. We fought hard to bring these results for all, it is such a crime (and I mean that!) to see that all being sold off the highest bidders in the shadow of Citizens United.

    A well written piece, Bill, thank you. I share your disgust and questions of why we bother to try to stay informed. You put my thoughts into written words. As a meme I saw recently said “My desire to stay informed is in conflict with my need to remain sane”.

    Keep fighting the good fight, Bill. Lets continue to do what we can for our kids and grandkids, and great grand kids. We all need to do everything we can to change the people in Congress, drive out the Oligarch and criminals, bring our country back to the light of sanity, morality and human decency.

    • Bill Formby Reply

      April 20, 2017 at 1:03 pm

      Thank you Tall Stacey. Knowing me I will will keep fighting the good fight simply because that is about all I know to do. But ever once in a while I have to leave alone for sanity sake. Thanks for all of your efforts.

  2. Michael John Scott Reply

    April 19, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    Republicans lack ethics. They are chronic liars, manipulating the system to get what they want. Instead of actually proposing a plan for improvement, they would rather focus their energies on destroying their opponents, and failing to serve their constituents in the process.

    • Bill Formby Reply

      April 20, 2017 at 1:12 pm

      Mike, I was conversing with another of my friends last night at Starbucks over the fact that the genuine glee of the Republicans right now is repugnant. Before this four year term is over the healthcare insurance of millions will be a tattered mess. As a model Obama care could be tweaked some and work pretty good but not as well as a single payer Medicare system would work. However, The Republicans will make sure Obamacare will fail if only to be able to say, “See we told you it would.” They really do not care who they hurt in their process to get what they want regardless. I remember the “Trickle Down” effect being an epic failure but Republicans still wanting to press it back into service.

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