Don’t Let Donald Trump Gaslight You

by David P. Greenberg

The recent fireworks show at an all but abandoned airstrip in Syria was a smashing win for our orange teevee dictator.

The strike did exactly what it was intended to do. It took the media’s gaze off the Russia scandal and made a corrupt, self-serving Sociopath, appear humane and compassionate. You now believe he’s listening to military and security professionals, instead of Ivanka and Jared. You now believe he’s a “war president.” You think that a horrifying war crime was appropriately responded to. But a truly appropriate response would be humanitarian aid to an oppressed people – not blowing up a bunch of empty hangars.

The Syrian Civil war began in 2011 when citizens took to the streets in peaceful protest against Assad. Assad responded by sending in troops. War has raged in that nation ever since. There are currently, at least, 9 factions fighting in Syria.

Fighting for Assad and the Regime we have Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, and various Shiite Muslim Militias. On the Rebel side there’s Turkey, an alliance of Arab nations, Jordan, and (sort of) the U.S. In 2014, a group of Kurdish people living in the Northern part of the country, declared themselves independent. They are fighting as well.

Each of these groups has different goals and reasons for fighting. But Russia is there because they want to be able to pipe oil through Syria to their economic trading partners. Historically the U.S. has been unclear as to why we’re there, or which side we’re on, and Trump’s “message” just furthered that confusion. In all honesty, from the perspective of the Syrian people, we’ve been mostly absent, at best.

Assad has used numerous weapons and methods to attempt to exterminate any political dissent. Nerve gas is nothing new in Syria, and in 2013, there was an attack that was approximately 20-times more devastating than this most recent one. Obama forged a deal with Putin at that time. The task of removing and destroying WMDs held by the Assad Regime was to fall to Russia. In 2015 Russia confirmed that all banned weapons in Syria had been destroyed.

The Obama Administration fought Congress for a number of Humanitarian remedies to help the Syrians, including opening our doors to Refugees. Congress, Republican citizenry, and Candidate Donald Trump fought him on these, every step of the way.

In response to that 2013 attack, Obama – following the law – petitioned congress for authorization to conduct military strikes against the Assad Regime. Congress ignored him. However, authorization had already been given to conduct strikes on ISIS and Al Qaeda installations in the country. In a “no boots on the ground” policy, Obama did that using missile strikes and drones. In many cases, these strikes did more harm than good.

One of the loudest voices against either deposing Assad, or helping Syrian Refugees, has long been that of Donald Trump. He campaigned on a policy of non-intervention, and of halting refugees repatriating to the U.S. Most significant, is that the morning after this most recent attack, Trump tweeted, “The Freedom-fighters in Syria are the same people who fly planes into our buildings.”

For the record, the 9/11 Terrorists were Saudi and Egyptian – 2 nations that Trump has been exceptionally friendly towards. There has never been an attack on U.S. soil or at an embassy, conducted by Syrians. Syria was an active ally during the Iraq war and has offered sanctuary to many Iraqi Refugees, fleeing ISIS.

Our absolutely inexperienced and uninterested Secretary of State, in a poorly thought out statement, essentially gave Assad the green light for the attack.

The stock market is Trump’s “Angry Birds,” and you can bet he owns Raytheon stock. Raytheon makes Cruise Missiles.

Putin has no interest in Syria, other than to run pipelines through it. But where he does have an interest is in the Ukraine. He also has an interest in making oil deals with the above mentioned Secretary of State, who also – conveniently – happens to own the 2nd largest oil company in the world. In order for Putin to realize these goals, he needs NATO to be gelded, and U.S. sanctions to be dropped. This doesn’t happen if Trump doesn’t look good. It has been argued that Putin engineered this whole thing, to that end. No proof exists yet, that that’s true, but it’s certainly worth keeping on our Civic radar.

So what is essential? We need to remember who Trump is. We need to keep focused on the Russia scandal, and never forget that his is a stolen “presidency,” and he has no business sitting in the national driver’s seat. We need to recognize that the money we just pissed away, for a momentary vindication orgasm, could have funded Humanitarian aid to Syrian people for a decade. We need to recognize that no harm – NO HARM – was done to Assad, in this strike. His air force is undamaged and the field is back up and running.

We need to take notice of the fact, that – almost to the minute – while we were shooting our wad in the skies over Syria, a corrupt gang of Republicans successfully stole a Supreme Court seat. They permanently took away a 2-century old minority protection, designed by the Founding Fathers to save us from “tyranny of the majority.” From this day on, we can never again govern by what’s best for America, but only by #PartyOverCountry. Whoever steals the elections – Democrat or Republican alike – gets to make all the laws and pick all the judges – without any minority consent at all.

This is so much more important than whether or not Trump’s Hydrogen powered, nuclear tipped, aluminum penises look pretty in the sky.

Don’t let him have this hollow victory. Don’t let him gaslight you yet again. The man is a traitor. He belongs in prison. Don’t swallow yet another lie.

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4 Responses to Don’t Let Donald Trump Gaslight You

  1. Michael John Scott Reply

    April 9, 2017 at 3:14 pm

    A distraction. Nothing more, and it worked.

  2. Neil Bamforth Reply

    April 10, 2017 at 4:07 am

    A stroke of bizarre genius from old Trumpy….mad as a hatter maybe but not entirely daft eh?

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