It’s Worse than Watergate

by Glenn R. Geist

“Worse than Watergate!” How many times have you heard that since Watergate? How many times has it been anything more than evanescent hyperbole? Somehow each claim evaporates from the scene and from memory without stink, yet the strategy is still here, the specifics changing from day to day as politicians and the parties that run them make desperate attempts to distract from some other scandal of their own.

When an entire administration and perhaps an entire political party is in itself a scandal, you’re going to see a lot of this: things like accusations of wire tapping and accusations against Susan Rice, none of which have any evidence whatsoever to support them. Yet the man who wants to make it illegal to criticize him, the man who wants to jail critics keeps turning out the baseless accusations for his part to treat as truth.

Rice is a criminal says Trump but I am not going to tell you how I know. “I think it’s going to be the biggest story,” Trump said. “It’s such an important story for our country and the world.” No it’s not, no more than the gross lie about Obama’s wire taps and the gross lies he’s run his campaign on from the start. But listen to his toadies repeat it automatically, without checking, without end! Like Sean Spicer, ¬†Donald Trump is sinking into the quicksand of dishonesty, thrashing about hysterically, trying to cover the lies with more lies as he sinks.

Classified documents contradict Nunes’ surveillance claims, reports CNN, and the Susan Rice thing will soon be tossed in the same dumpster with all the other lies, slanders, libels, distortions, evasions and false claims by false witnesses. You can be sure however, they’ll all be resurrected periodically at the rhetorical convenience of the rapidly Nazifying GOP, and faithfully repeated — forever. These fights are never over.

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One Response to It’s Worse than Watergate

  1. Michael John Scott Reply

    April 13, 2017 at 11:01 am

    These rats are frantic to find holes in which to hide as they scurry about the halls of the Trump White House. They are desperate to cover up evidence of their activity, while continuing to prevaricate and obfuscate. It’s time to call the Piper.

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