Mr Trump: Please Stop Telling Lies and Start Telling the Truth

Truth and Lies

by Dr Mark Bear

I was recently the recipient of a personal message asking whether “I was rejoicing” because the current administration and ‘Forty-Five’ (my title) is under investigation? In other words, the person wonders: Am I happy that this is all taking place?

The answer is a resounding NO!

Anytime the highest office in our land is under such scrutiny, especially due to hurdles thrown into an investigative body getting at the truth, I find it a sad state of affairs. The person who asks this question of me apparently does not read the articles I write, which if you look at them carefully, all have a singular theme: I want truth to prevail.

I have said this before, but it bears repeating: Democracy cannot function appropriately when misinformation is spread throughout this land. It is imperative journalists do their jobs and report TRUTH, versus reporting something which will garner their networks higher ratings.

This administration has passed lies out to the American public as though they were standard fare, acceptable, and in so doing, they have insulted each American’s intelligence. Worse however, is the image this is conveying to the rest of our world; especially the Russians. That our election was tampered with, and that the intention was to specifically ensure a “Forty-Five” victory, is now established fact. Every single intelligence agency has testified to this FACT in front of Congress, and Senate investigatory committees.

I have lived since 1960 and, believe it or not, I have been watching politics, specifically the events surrounding Watergate, and I must confess, even this pales in comparison to the events which took place. In that other historical scandal, then President Nixon did not fire the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Furthermore, he did not go on television in an interview, and tell the American people through that medium that the thought process leading up to the firing of then Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox was due to his belief that “the investigation needs to conclude.”

Also, Nixon’s press secretary did not tell the media that the rationale for firing Cox, which each one in the administration had been reporting for the previous two days, was for the purpose of their belief that the Watergate investigation needed to conclude “with integrity,” and they “now believe that the firing of Cox will accomplish that purpose.”

In other words, what this administration has done by lying to us, the American people for two days, is, in my estimation unconscionable. Think about it: Sixty-five million people voted for this man, with the notion that he would change Washington. But did they actually believe and do they subsequently endorse this kind of behavior? Consider me naïve, but I sincerely believe the American people deserve better.

Furthermore, how many people within this administration has Forty-Five used in order to accomplish what appears to be his goal, which is to create every single diversion essential to prevent these investigative bodies at getting at the truth? How many lives will he ruin in the process, and how many careers will be ruined due to their not saying “no” to the man?

Democracy functions best when truth is always cherished and promoted. Media personalities who have covered several administrations in the past are stating they have “never witnessed anything like this before in their respective careers.”

We are, folks, currently a nation at a crossroads, or, what us as politicos refer to as a “constitutional crisis.” A contributor to one of the networks the other night clarified precisely what those two words mean, and it is helpful, if not essential to convey his thoughts. When used, the word crisis – which has as its etiology in the world of health care, meaning will one live or die. Traditionally historians have used the term, “constitutional crisis” to convey that our nation stands at a crossroads; either democracy will prevail, or it will not.

Those of us who have been critics of Forty-Five need, nay, MUST exercise caution here too for there is always the temptation to get the horse before the cart so to speak; that is, those with the allegations against the administration, if not careful make assumptions that are not rooted in reality, at least not at the time they are made. THIS TOO is just as dangerous. As independent reporters, writers, and journalists, we need and must stick to reporting out the truth; nothing more and nothing less.

Case in point: While many liberals – such as myself included – believe this current president has in fact, relationships with Russia, it is a point which has not been proven in any investigative body. What we DO KNOW however, is each and every time the issue is probed, each time it appears someone is getting close to the truth of the matter, this man always seems to throw a hurdle, obstacle, or distraction into the very media which he criticizes and threatens frequently.

The America I grew up in cherished the truth, and as a child I was taught the importance of telling the truth, even IF as a child and young adult I did not follow that advice. While I did as I grew, the fact I am getting at, is we have children watching. Our own children are being taught that the person occupying the highest office in the land can lie with impunity, and not face any consequences by the body of people we once witnessed; the media. Imagine Murrow during these times, or Cronkite.

So, am I “happy” that this Administration is fledgling? No! Am I “happy” this administration is under investigation, and that the matter could have been resolved weeks ago had the man cooperated? Absolutely not! But cooperation cannot be achieved as long as the very man at the center of the investigation continues to refuse acknowledging that which our intelligence community has confirmed: Russia interfered with this election, and while not a single one of us can state with utter clarity how it affected the outcome, it is high time to realize it did!

The Russians – at the direction of Vladimir Putin – attacked a vital and key aspect of our democracy. THIS IS NOT the time to be a Democrat, or a Republican, or an Independent. THIS IS the time to be an American. We need to ask why it is those leaders representing us in the United States House and Senate refuse to demand a special prosecutor or independent investigation, It appears the very issue being investigated has lawmakers such as Burr and Nunes possibly involved with the current occupant of the Oval Office.

We need to ask why they do not see the need to place a special prosecutor over the matter when the Attorney General – who supposedly recused himself – still provided an opinion into whether the former Director of the FBI should or should not have been terminated – a decision which was reached by the President himself as admitted during his interview with Lester Holt – when that man led the very investigation which he swore to the people of this land that he would have nothing to do with.

In other words folks: Our situation is quite bad right now, and the only way it will be resolved is if we get to the truth, no matter where it points, that is, whether it demonstrates Forty-Five did collude or whether it proves he did not. TRUTH must prevail in order for our democracy to survive, Otherwise, should this man get away without us getting at the truth, he will only be emboldened and this nation will not be the same ever again.

If the occupant of the Oval Office wants this thing to go away he needs to allow the investigation to take place in its entirety. Honestly if I were innocent of these allegations, I would want the investigation to continue to PROVE I had been telling the truth the entire time.

So no! I am not happy that we are where we are today! Our democracy and the very definition of truth is endangered, and personally I fear for the future of our children, our country and the very democracy which it was founded. And the individual who asked me this question insults me by asking! There is nothing to celebrate when American values are endangered, or even threatened.

We argued throughout the campaign [as liberals] that the persistent lying by Forty-Five was quite dangerous! The reason? We all said that a day would come in his administration whereby his credibility would be essential, and at that time we were talking about the threat of war, diplomatic relations, trade deficits, or any issue which seriously impacted the American people, including those who supported him. THAT DAY HAS ARRIVED FOLKS!

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4 Responses to Mr Trump: Please Stop Telling Lies and Start Telling the Truth

  1. Michael John Scott Reply

    May 12, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    His lying is pathological. No amount of cajoling, or urging is going to stop him. This is who he is, and he will not change. We can only hope he will eventually be caught out by those who can remove him from office.

  2. Dr. Mark Bear Reply

    May 13, 2017 at 1:15 pm


    You are so correct and why those who supported him did not understand this when he was running so a vitriolic campaign is beyond me. It is as though they did not take them seriously, and really believed he would be “presidential” once he got into office. A man who is seventy years old rarely, if ever changes. The persistent lies are what get me, and worse, those who are from the Republican Party have remained, for the most part, nearly silent on the events of this past week.

    I was speaking to someone about him this morning when I went to pick up some donuts for breakfast, and when I asked the person what he felt about the guy now, since I knew he voted for the guy, he actually told me, “well yeah, they hacked the DNC and Clinton’s emails, but if the things leaked were not true, we wouldn’t be where we are today. In other words, it is all Clinton’s fault to this supporter.

    But the greater question, which I posed to this person is this: What difference does it make if the emails leaked were truthful. Whenever did we as a nation get so damned polarized over political affiliation that people – many in both camps – take no issue with the very fact that the Russians DID in fact, interfere in our election? It is simply beyond belief.

    So, I told the person: It matters little whether one is a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, because the fact is we had a foreign country interfere with a core value of our American democracy, which is that “we get to choose our leaders,” and “our right to vote?” Crickets.

  3. Linda Reply

    May 13, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    You are absolutely right! I feel like the truth is more important than an ideology too, even though it most often sides with my liberal ideology anyway.
    And we are the same age. My first vote, in my youthful lefty zeal and to my everlasting shame, was for John Anderson. My only comfort is that in my true-blue state (the only one that DIDN’T vote for Nixon), my vote didn’t actually change anything.

  4. Patty Smith Reply

    May 14, 2017 at 9:27 pm

    Truth is very important to honest relations.

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