What Is Trump Actually Doing In Miami?

by Michael John Scott

What is Donald Trump actually doing today in Miami? He’s unrolling another one of Obama’s many accomplishments by relegating to the dark age the latter’s forward thinking, and long overdue Cuban policy which opened up the island nation to trade, tourism, agriculture and etc.

This begs the question: Trump isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and I doubt he even knows Cuba is 90 miles south of Key West. I guarantee he doesn’t know the history of Castro’s home. So why is he setting us back 5 decades? The answer is quite clear, as it is for all of Trump’s other executive actions, including health care, Dodd-Frank, climate policy, tax policy and etc.. He’s doing it because he hates Barack Obama, ever since Obama embarrassed him at the Correspondent’s dinner years ago. As a result, by neutralizing or removing the former president’s many accomplishments, he thinks he’s hurting him, personally.
Trump is not, as I mentioned, and most of us realize, a smart man. He may have graduated from the Wharton School of Business, and even read a few books. He did not, however, understand what he was reading. I expect Daddy Trump made sure little Donny graduated. Money can open up a lot of doors. The proof is in the pudding as they say, given that Trump’s business acumen has been proven to be less than sterling. Therefore, I submit Trump knows nothing about any of the executive orders he has signed only that what he signs, and what legislation he pushes was legislation or executive actions initiated by his predecessor.
Donald Trump is not a good man. He’s mean and venal, with a vindictive streak as wide as the New Madras fault. His ignorance makes him even more dangerous, however his reckless behavior with regard to the investigation into Russia and into himself benefits all of us. Let’s encourage him to keep tweeting. #keeptweetingmrtrump
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