Making America Great Again In Trumpland

by David P. Greenberg

Democrat fucks a fat chick: Millions of tax dollars and 2 years of investigation.

Democrat allegedly fucks up an attack at a foreign embassy: SIX count ’em SIX – individual investigations. None of ’em can turn up any wrongdoing.

Democrat gets email on a Yahoo account: 3 years of derision and accusation. Talk of imprisonment and even trial for treason.

Republican Mafia Don who’s lived a life of crime and deceit colludes with an enemy Oligarchy to steal an election, destroys America’s leadership in the world and contributes to the destruction of the environment.

In addition he violates the emoluments clause, profiteers off the presidency, pals around with despotic dictators, alienates our allies, conspires to steal healthcare from millions of poor Americans while giving himself huge tax breaks.

He decimates consumer protection regulations, tells 70-lies in a single hour, installs family members in positions of power, continues to profit off his private businesses, calls for his opponent’s assassination, spends 8-years haunting OUR TRUE President about an outright lie, and spends every weekend at his own country club playing golf on our dime.

It’s Making America Great Again©.

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