North Korean Missile Firing Demands More Than A Tweet

by Dr Mark Bear

According to the Washington Post North Korea has launched yet another ballistic missile. The difference this time – and, of course, you must take things which come out of North Korea with a grain of salt; –  the missile flew about 579 miles and reached an altitude of 1741 miles.

How this is even possible is beyond me, especially given that the altitude would – in my limited understanding of all things aerospace – be literally higher than that of our space station. I find myself wondering how it would not go into orbit reaching such an altitude, but as I sad, I am no rocket scientist.  Of course, I also do not know how these missiles work, but one thing is certain: IF true, that is that this missile flew that distance and altitude, it would mean that not only is it a violation of the current UN agreement, but also demonstrates that the North Korean regime’s attempts at getting an ICBM off the ground and staying in the air for more than mere seconds has arrived. In other words, the North Koreans – if this is true – are getting more successful and posing a threat to our land.

While I marginalize a bit above, the reality is this IS a serious issue folks, and it requires some thoughtful leadership in order to navigate our way through this, without our getting involved in yet, another major war.

The news of the North Korean launch must be confirmed of course, but still, we have had a strategy for a long time now folks, and while most of us may not understand it due to the complexities this situation presents, we have the current occupant of our Oval Office sending out a TWEET:

Seriously, folks?

You know just a few days ago, the current occupant of the Oval Office bragged about how he is not just the “President,” but a “modern-day president” referencing how his utilization of social media is supposedly assisting his administration.

Let me set the record straight here folks; how in the world does that kind of statement demonstrate global leadership in what can best be described as a tenuous situation? Answer: It doesn’t!

Furthermore, he then sent out a TWEET placing all of the responsibility on China, this after a week where the President of that nation has stated how “relations were strained as a result of a ‘phone-call'” between he and the occupant.

Additionally,  we also have the situation where HE sold $1.4 billion of arms to Taiwan, when it has clearly been known for decades that China only works with nations which understand and respect “A One-China” policy.  Further, we have had the USS Stethem sailing within 12 nautical miles of Triton Island, “a small landmass in the Paracel Islands chain,” according to The Chicago Tribune. This incident which took place just a few days ago, and not the first time we did this under the current administration, has strained our relations with China even more.

Why does this even matter, folks? Because China considers those islands a part of Chinese territory. They have controlled the territory ever since they expelled Vietnam back in 1974 due to military engagement.

Let me ask the reader:  How many of you remember this statement?

“I do not want to be the policeman of the world. We need to stop being the police over the world.” I remember the statement clearly and yet, it seems we are quite involved around the globe right now, dropping the “mother-of-all bombs in a  nation,” bombing an airfield in Syria – after alerting the nation’s government allowing them time to move their planes and equipment, and continuing a sixteen plus year War in Afghanistan, by constantly sending in more troops.  In other words, the very thing he got people to cheer over, that statement of not being the police of the world, he is not following through on.

While healthcare is yet another area this man does not seem to follow through on, or make good on his promise to the nation, especially the 61 MILLION people who believed him enough to cast their vote for him,  poses a serious threat to life here in our nation, his actions of provoking the Chinese, as well as the leader of Australia – days after being sworn into office – and making inept TWEETS – which are now part of the presidential historical record, THOSE actions have much more volatile consequences for our nation. It is almost like he is searching for trouble!

We had better hope as we celebrate the birth of our nation, that we are not witnessing the end of our American experiment, folks! This man needs to get control over his own ego and self while beginning to place the affairs of the nation ahead of his interests. The entire electorate awaits; especially, the 61 Million people who cast their respective ballot for him. This is no time for foolish social media posts, nor Twitter Tweets, as the situation demands a leader who can cast aside his own self, in order to protect our nation. That he – nor anyone on his Cabinet – cannot seem to understand this principle, especially given that not one single cabinet official has succeeded in keeping the occupant of OUR Oval Office off of his phone, speaks volumes and portends a dark future, lest he change course.

Earlier I mentioned how we must take what we hear from the North Korean regime with “a grain of salt,” subsequently having to confirm their claims. Should the latest claim about their missile test’s success be confirmed, we each must ask ourselves the question: How believable will the current occupant of the Oval Office  be in light of plethora of lies told by him, or worse, confirmed by his spokespeople? We each recall with vividness and clarity the argument advanced by President, George W. Bush that  “weapons of mass destruction” existed in Iraq, with images of “mushroom clouds,” evoked by the former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, and still, that deception shall pale in comparison should this current administration lie to the public about what is really going on in North Korea. How many United States citizens live in Seoul, South Korea? What is the population of South Koreans in Seoul? How many lives remain on the line and are dependent on accurate information, versus the bombast of a man who appears to believe that a successful negotiation or “good deal,” is defined as no compromise needed?

Whether the current occupant or any of the most faithful of his supporters realize it or not, we do live in a global community, whereby we all must get along, where we don’t go making demands of others without being willing to give something of ourselves. America is not the leader of the world because it demands every other nation cede to her demands, but because we have traditionally held or ascribed to the notion of setting an example for the rest of the world, assisting those nations as we can, while understanding that the “best deals” are those where the two-parties involved in dispute reach an agreement which reflects the best alternative to a negotiated agreement. In other words, folks; a willingness to give and to take, not demand! History demonstrates what happens to nations who approach global matters from the zero-sum frame; they crumble as occurred in The Roman Empire. History can teach each and every one of us something which we had no prior knowledge of, and yet, despite this, it seems we neglect to understand how history can repeat itself.

Again, we had better hope the current occupant of our Oval Office realizes just how many lives are dependent upon his actions, while also realizing he cannot deal with this latest North Korean escalation through a TWEET. It just doesn’t work that way, folks!

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4 Responses to North Korean Missile Firing Demands More Than A Tweet

  1. Glenn Geist Reply

    July 5, 2017 at 9:47 am

    OK, well the missile’s nearly vertical trajectory would preclude it’s going onto orbit and the Space Station is in low orbit and it isn’t “ours” That’s why they call it the “international” Space Station. It’s fired at a steep angle so that it will hit the ground nearby rather than be mistaken for an attack, among other reasons, like the need to be able to retrieve what’s left of it. If the maximum altitude and distance achieved is known, some rocket math can tell you its maximum range when launched at about the proper 45 degree angle.

    I don’t know how much of a threat to Alaska it constitutes and I should think that Hawaii would be a more “valuable” target, but Kim would have to be suicidal to deliver a very far from lethal blow to the US. Of course that’s a possibility, but that missile could, if they manage to miniaturize a nuclear weapon and achieve decent accuracy reach many or most Chinese cities with tens of millions of residents.

    But of course you are so hideously right that all of the inherent dangers are far more scary with Tweety Bird’s finger on the button and those psychotic bastards advising him.

  2. Dr. Mark Bear Reply

    July 5, 2017 at 12:13 pm

    Hello Glenn,

    Thank you for taking time to explain why the North Korean claim would be true from an aeronautical perspective. Also, much gratitude for pointing out my error: It is the International Space Station. Finally, thank you for taking time out of your schedule to read my work. Be well!

  3. Glenn Geist Reply

    July 5, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    I hope you realize I wasn’t being snarky. I do really agree with you.

  4. Dr. Mark Bear Reply

    July 5, 2017 at 11:19 pm

    Of course, Glenn! I love the snark and do appreciate it. Always want to be sure! Hope you had a great day!

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