The ‘Windy City’ and the ‘City of Angels’ Both Within Range of Kim Jong Un’s Missiles

In this July 4, 2017 file photo, distributed by the North Korean government shows what was said to be the launch of a Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile in North Korea. (Uncredited)

by Michael John Scott

On Saturday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sent chills through the Pentagon as he claimed the second flight test of an intercontinental ballistic missile demonstrated his country can hit the US mainland. Just hours after the launch analysts concluded that a wide region of the United States, including Los Angeles and Chicago, is now in range of North Korean weapons.

Kim expressed “great satisfaction” after the Hwasong-14 missile, which the country first launched on July 4, reached a maximum height of 2,314 miles and traveled 620 miles from the launch point before landing in waters near Japan. Kim said the launch late Friday sent a “serious warning” to the United States, which has been “meaninglessly blowing its trumpet” with threats of war and stronger sanctions the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported.

The KCNA quoted Kim as saying that the latest launch reaffirmed the reliability of the country’s ICBM system and confirmed an ability to launch the missile at “random regions and locations at random times” with the “entire” US mainland now within range.

A physicist and co-director of the global security program at the Union of Concerned Scientists tells the AP that if reports of the missile’s maximum altitude and flight time are correct, it would have a theoretical range of at least 6,500 miles, meaning it could have reached Los Angeles, Denver or Chicago, depending on variables such as the size and weight of the warhead that would be carried atop such a missile in an actual attack.

What’s even more frightening is North Korea’s Kim regularly threatens the United States and South Korea with nuclear war.  Kim’s reckless impulsiveness, not unlike the behavior of America’s Mad King Donald, adds yet another dynamic to this chilling scenario.

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