Trump’s Historically Low Approval Rating Is Finally Ticking Up-Kind Of

Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Is Finally Ticking Up

According to the latest round of approval ratings, President Donald Trump is having a decent week—that is, if decent can be said to mean creeping away from the historic lows that may permanently hamper his presidency. Public support for Trump ticked up to 38.4 percent on Friday from 37 percent at the beginning of the week,…

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One Response to Trump’s Historically Low Approval Rating Is Finally Ticking Up-Kind Of

  1. jess Reply

    September 9, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    He’ll get an uptick because the emergency actions being done, are a result of Obama putting in place competent people and making it a law the head of FEMA has to have at least a basic knowledge of emergency actions. Not to worry, it will lower soon enough when people find out this fuckin idiot has said churches should be reimbursed for helping out. Um no just no, till they pay taxes they don’t get reimbursed for helping out, United Way is never reimbursed neither is Red Cross Sally Army etc etc. This is what happens when playgrounds get built using tax payer money for churches and the churches glob onto it thinking they can get their grift on too. Yeah the playground thing did happen just a few months ago. Church says we’re a school, so we deserve some coin from Suzy and Joe taxpayer to redo our playground otherwise you are messing with our constitutional rights to be assholes in the name of the babby Jaysus.

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