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Climate Change: These Terrifying Maps Show How Hot It’s Really Going To Get

It’s easy to be apathetic about rising global temperatures, but difficult when you imagine your own future backyard. July 2090 is gonna be a scorcher. NOAA There are lots of terrible things about climate change. Birds will go extinct. Bits of Florida will be swallowed up by the sea. Coffee will taste worse. But let’s be…

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3 years ago

Should it happen earlier than expected, I hope I am one of the ones that somehow manages to survive, so I can start a commune where I am the boss of it all and we can have a hive mind basically. We will go out into the wilderness like some kind of roving band of do gooders* and make the world a way better place.

Calling dibs on the new band name right here. Roving band of do gooders is an excellent band name 🙂

Glenn R. Geist
Glenn R. Geist
3 years ago

Of all the controversies today, this is the most depressing. It’s become like a tribal tattoo or religious credo and nothing more.

Yes, we’re entering into another one of those mass die-offs of past ages. I wonder if the survivors will think highly of today’s “conservatives”

Michael John Scott
Reply to  Glenn R. Geist
3 years ago

I think as people are dying from heat, drought, and etc., there will still be Trump-like conservatives denying that the climate is actually changing. It’s a cult of denial, much like those crazy Jesus cults, filled with ideologues who refuse to look at the science, and only listen to the dogma pouring from the pie-holes of their twisted, Manson-like saviors.