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Polish Cow Says NO to Slaughter, Swims to Nearby Island

The cow swam over a lake and is now living on an island. Pic: Kawel Kukiz

by Michael John Scott

Faced with the horror of the slaughterhouse and imminent doom, workers tried to load a cow on a truck at the Polish farm where she was raised. This big girl was having none of it, however, as she decided to make a swim for it.

Sky News describes the escape:

“She then ran into the nearby Lake Nysa in south Poland … and appeared to dive underwater, before swimming over to an island, which has become her new home.”

After the cow’s owner, known only as Mr. Lukasz, attempted to get her back to the farm, the cow broke one of his worker’s arms, according to Polish news show Wiadomosci.

The frustrated farmer’s weeklong efforts to get her back failed, and she even dodged local firefighters, swimming away to a peninsula.

Her efforts have impressed a whole lot of sympathetic people, including one local politician who says,

“If all citizens could show such determination as this cow then Poland would be a much more prosperous country.”

The farmer is promising to get her to

“a safe place and, as a reward for her attitude, guarantee her a long-term retirement and natural death.”

There’s hope for the world after all.

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3 years ago

Go cow 🐮 go!