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Will Trump Ignore Our Allies and Embrace Russia?

by Glenn R. Geist

I have to wonder whether any of our allies – or should I say former allies have any more than fear and dread when wondering if the Trumpreich has any intention of coming to their aid should they be the victim of Russian aggression.

It’s not a stretch to imply that carrying out a hit within Great Britain, has to be considered as a violation of their sovereign rights and an attack upon that country – a country we are pledged to stand behind should they be attacked.

So what has Trump done? That’s right, he’s done nothing nor will he ever do anything that would cast doubt on his loyalty and friendship with Russia and its dictator. Not only is he unlikely to say anything and likely to deny everything, he’s engaged in firing anyone who seems to be putting our country before Russia and Russia’s goals.

Such a man, if you can call him one, is not likely to acknowledge the results of any investigation, any court decision or anything else that proves him to be an international criminal and secret ally of an adversarial nation.

Let’s see what happens in Pennsylvania and if Democrats somehow gain a seat whether our would-be Führer will simply ignore the law. There is no longer any evidence that he plans to, come what may.

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Bill Formby
Bill Formby
3 years ago

You know, I am wondering where they are keeping the balls of the Republican senators and representatives. Apparently when know one was looking someone castrated them and holding their balls hostage somewhere. This has gone over and beyond party politics when it is now the very essence of the country that is at stake.

Michael John Scott
Reply to  Bill Formby
3 years ago

Have you noticed they’ve been really quiet as of late?

Michael John Scott
3 years ago

Russia’s grip on Trump’s tiny balls is so tight it makes his teeth bleed, and nothing is going to change that.