West Hollywood Votes To Remove Trump’s ‘Walk of Fame’ Star

West Hollywood wants Trump star gone

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by Michael John Scott

The West Hollywood City Council wants to dump Trump.  The board cited Trump’s awful record on immigration, women’s rights, climate change, and the rest, as reasons for removal. In addition, they cited the numerous issues of vandalism.

Unfortunately, the Trump-owned  Chamber of Commerce would have the final say and that doesn’t bode well for removal. These tax-cut loving businessmen have never removed a star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame before, and it’s doubtful they’ll start now.

Source: ABC News

The city of West Hollywood approved a proposal to remove President Donald Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, citing recent costly vandalism and recent demonstrations around the star.

West Hollywood’s five-member city council passed the measure unanimously on Monday evening, allowing it to move forward with a request to remove the star, which has been vandalized several times since Trump took office last year.

It now plans to send a formal letter to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles City Council and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for consideration. The Chamber of Commerce would have the final say in removing the star.

This one will be interesting to watch but America’s rational thinkers should be prepared for disappointment.

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