Idiotic GOP Senator Insists Women’s Rights Should Depend On Where They Live

by Capper

Wisconsin’s stupid senator, Ron Johnson, firmly believes whatever his special interest dark money masters tell him to believe. He once again demonstrated this sad fact when being interviewed about the Kava-no-means-yes confirmation, which he happily voted for.

In my meeting with Judge Kavanaugh, what he expressed to Susan Collins as well, she’s fairly confident the Supreme Court will not overturn Roe v. Wade, but I entirely… the exact way of doing this is going to the states. Some of those laws may come before the court, but that’s really the way the entire abortion issue should have been handled with in the first place. It wouldn’t be such a divisive issue 40, 50 years after the initial court judgment.

So even though Kave-no-means-yes lied repeatedly in front of the Senate, RoJo still believes him on one of the most important issues. Alrighty then!

But to continue on saying that a woman’s right to privacy and to make her own medical choices should be up to where she lives is utter stupidity and cowardice on RoJo’s part. The only possible reason that the Rapepublicans would want it turned over to the states is that it would make it easier to overturn that way rather than try to take on the national women’s rights groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood.

As for it being less controversial, to debunk that nonsense look at another controversial issue near and dear to the theological right – marriage equality. Ever since it became legal on a national level, it has not been an issue. People have moved on and the world hasn’t ended.

But RoJo needs to keep up the stupid to that those checks keep pouring in. He has a lifestyle to maintain after all.

Originally published at Crooks&Liars.

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