SNL: GOP Celebrates Making ‘Women Real Worried Today’

Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as the 114th Supreme Court justice on Saturday Night, and Saturday Night Live wasted little time in kicking off its latest episode with an imagined celebration of the Senate Republicans (and Democrat) who put him on the bench, reports the Washington Post.

As Heidi Gardner’s Dana Bash reported from the GOP locker room, noting that a lot of pacemakers were “being put to the test,” a parade of jubilant senators had words for the camera. A sampling, also via NPR:

  • Kate McKinnon as Lindsey Graham: “We made a lot of women real worried today, but I’m not getting pregnant so I don’t care!”
  • Beck Bennett as Mitch McConnell: “Republicans read the mood of the country and we could tell that people really wanted Kavanaugh. Everyone’s pumped—from white men over 60 to white men over 70.”
  • Cecily Strong as Susan Collins: “The last thing I wanted was to make this about me. That’s why I told everyone to tune in at 3pm. So I could tell all my female supporters: Psych!” Further, “Listen, I think it’s important to believe women, until it’s time to stop.”

Over on the losing side, Alex Moffatt played Chuck Schumer, saying, “The Dems lost another one. We thought this time would be better than the Anita Hill hearing because Dr. Ford was white, but turned out Brett Kavanaugh was white, too.” The show was guest-hosted by Awkwafina, with Travis Scott as musical guest. More video highlights are in the gallery.

Edited via Newser.

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