Crackpot Ann Coulter: Shoot Migrants So Their Kids Can’t Vote For Democrats

The absolutely despicable Ann Coulter’s message to Donald Trump to send troops into Mexico to shoot migrants (and prevent their children from voting Democratic) was too much even for Trump Fangirl Jeanine Pirro to countenance.

Although Fox and Trump obsess over voter fraud (despite a lack of evidence), it never seems to notice, much less care, that Coulter is a multiple voter-fraud suspect who obviously thinks nothing of voting outside her lawful precinct.. Predictably, nothing was said about that during this friendly chat, either.

Coulter revealed early on in this appearance that her issue with immigration is all about Republicans’ political power, not the good of the country and definitely not about democracy:

COULTER: Look at how close those last two elections were in Florida and Texas. If either of those ever flip, no Republican ever gets elected president again. Three out of four Hispanics in Texas are under the age of 18. So each day Trump doesn’t fulfill his immigration promises, his voters are dying off and Democratic voters, Hillary’s voters, are registering to vote. So I hope he keeps this promise. I mean, this is why we wanted a wall – so that we wouldn’t have to ask this country on the other side of the wall.

Pirro, reportedly an attorney general wannabe, defended her longtime-pal, Trump. She blamed Congressional inaction on the wall before adding, “Donald Trump has done everything he can to do the wall. He can’t build it himself.”

Funny, I thought Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall.

“His rhetoric is great,” Coulter said about Trump. Then she began to complain that troops are like Barney Fife from the old Andy Griffith Show, meaning they have guns but can’t shoot.

“They’re not allowed to use them,” Pirro noted. “You know what the legal requirement is, posse comitatus.”

But Coulter showed no more respect for that rule of law than she did for laws about voting – or homicide.

COULTER: Number one, you can’t shoot Americans, you can shoot invaders. Number two, even if that were true, OK, go one yard into Mexico.

Pirro began to object. “Ann, we can’t invade Mexico to stop them from coming in here. I mean, we’re doing the same thing unless Mexico gives us that authority…”

Before long, Pirro ended the segment.

Over the summer, Coulter’s baseless claim that weeping migrant children separated from their families at the border were “child actors” reportedly partly inspired Fox CEO Suzanne Scott to crack down on inflammatory statements on the air. Yet the very booking of Coulter since then shows how little the network really cares about such rhetoric.

So even though Pirro dutifully – and properly – ended the discussion, it’s a safe bet Coulter will be welcomed back on Fox and given yet another friendly platform, no matter what she says, again and again.

Watch Coulter get shut down by Pirro above, from November 24, 2018, Justice with Judge Jeanine.

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5 Responses to Crackpot Ann Coulter: Shoot Migrants So Their Kids Can’t Vote For Democrats

  1. Holte Ender Reply

    November 26, 2018 at 5:50 pm

    I feel sorry for Ann Coulter, if that’s his real name, growing up in a time when his gender confusion was mocked to the point of cruelty. He survived and he chose his path in life. The anger from his youth is evident, if he ever paid for counseling, he should ask for his money back.

  2. Glenn Geist Reply

    November 27, 2018 at 8:47 am

    Ann the Man. It’s amazing how many people have arrived at the same hypothesis independently, but the question of whether or not the blond beast is human is still unanswered.

    You’d think in these days of advance we would recognize a monster for what it is and not elevate it to the status of a public intellectual – but no. We haven’t learned a damned thing and we still flock around the piper as he leads us down the road.

  3. Bill Formby Reply

    December 3, 2018 at 11:07 am

    Well, apparently we did not recognize the monster in the White House.

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