Why Do Governments So Often Get It Wrong?

by Neil Bamforth

When I say ‘governments’ I am using the word as a ‘cover all’ for ‘the powers that be’ or ‘those in charge’ or whatever you prefer to call them. I am also specifically talking about Blighty as, well, it isn’t really my place to be critical of other countries governments.

It isn’t just the ‘big things’ they get wrong either. There are so many smaller things that add up to something bigger and, eventually, begin to chip away at your faith in our democracy or, to be more accurate, those charged with running and organizing our democracy.

I’ll take a ‘small thing’ first. It may be a singular event but events like it are happening all the time and it is bloody annoying. I will say that it isn’t a small thing to this chaps family incidentally.

A Romanian chap, Sandu Laurentiu-Sava, came over from a small village in Romania with other villagers he had grown up with. I presume they had come to Blighty for a better life.

Anyway, he and his friends ended up working at a hand car wash. The owner charged them £40 a week to live above the car wash. To say the conditions were squalid is an understatement. Their living quarters were also dangerous.

If this was a ‘better life’ I hate to think how wretched their lives must have been in Romania.

They had all complained to the car wash owner, their landlord, about the living conditions but, not being able to communicate in English they had no idea how to improve their lot using the law.

The chap in question went for a shower, got electrocuted and died.

The car wash owner/landlord was given 4 years in prison for negligent manslaughter and instructed to pay the chap’s family back in Romania £20,000.

Excuse me? Four years for allowing his property to become so dangerous that someone died because of his negligence? He will probably be out in 2 years. £20,000 may well be a huge sum in Romania – and, obviously, how do you put a price on someone’s life? – but is that it? Is that our legal system? Oh dear.

This is a good example of how ‘the system’ fails so often. Whoever is in charge of our legal system is clearly oblivious to ordinary people. Most ‘ordinary people’ would be far happier if creatures like this car wash owner didn’t exist of course but, sadly, they do.

The punishment needs to fit the crime and not be ludicrously lenient.

Labor Shadow Home Secretary, Dianne Abbott, has been spouting drivel again – we have so much to not look forward to if Labour gets in with her still around.

The police have started knocking criminals off their scooters and mopeds. The criminals mug people and then ride away which makes it difficult to catch them as they are so mobile and can ride down alleyways thereby avoiding the chasing police.

As a result, the police are ramming them if there is a chance. It’s working too. They are catching more of them.

Abbott seems more concerned with the safety of the criminals when you look at the mad cows Twitter feed. Typical.

For better or worse, the British people voted to leave The EU. Is it happening? No. All the government has offered is some sort of convoluted ‘deal’ that ties us still to The EU.

Now, look. It matters not whether you are a ‘remainer’ or a ‘leaver’. For better or worse a democratic decision was reached. As the government, they are obliged to follow it through.

Only countries without democracy ignore democracy so, are we democratic or not? Clearly, given the behavior of our government since the referendum result, we are not – unless it suits ‘those in charge’.

Given Trump’s behavior in the USA, I would have thought readers would have some sympathy for our difficulties over here. Maybe, maybe not.

Democracy is not for ‘those in charge’ it is for us. Governments are elected to govern in a way that is most satisfactory for ‘the people’.

Clearly, the ‘nirvana’ of keeping everybody happy all the time is not feasible but, ignoring what the population wants to the extent of laws that fail to properly protect the innocent and punish the guilty being stubbornly adhered to rather than change for the better is dangerously stupid.

Failing to act like a democracy is also dangerously stupid.

Revolution anybody?

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8 Responses to Why Do Governments So Often Get It Wrong?

  1. cherries Reply

    December 8, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    Here he goes again typical Brexiteer who doesn’t think people deserve a second vote on a stupid referendum now we know more about it and from all accounts it will make us a poorer country. Of course there should be a second referendum it’s common sense old bean.

    As for your nasty ignorant comments about Diane Abbott, the Cambridge educated Labour politician, she’s absolutely right it’s wrong for police cars to knock moped thieves off their mopeds and she’s far from the only one to have said so. I think it’s a crazy idea and will probably lead to a fatal accident and not necessarily the culprit (expect N/N would be fine with that). There have been police car chases that have ended up in disaster and I don’t agree with that either. There must be safer ways of apprehending the culprits.


  2. cherries Reply

    December 8, 2018 at 12:18 pm

    N/Ns stated opinions in his diatribe.

    ‘Abbott seems more concerned with the safety of the criminals when you look at the mad cows Twitter feed. Typical.

    Now, look. It matters not whether you are a ‘remainer’ or a ‘leaver’. For better or worse a democratic decision was reached. As the government, they are obliged to follow it through.’

    *** Erm N/N now,look, the government is not obliged to follow it through you need to get your facts right! Not that it’s stopped you before though

  3. Bobbie Peel Reply

    December 8, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    Nice comment Cherries.

    I’ve noticed that Twatwaffles make a real effort to demean educated folks. They call it free speech, promoting their deep ignorance to a level equal with someone with an actual intellect.

  4. Neil Bamforth Reply

    December 9, 2018 at 3:13 am

    Cherries : so if ‘remain’ win a second one then do we have the best of three?
    I’m not a fan of Corbyn and MacDonald but they are intelligent. Abbott is dumb as a box of frogs…and no, not because she isn’t white. Chuka Umunna, for example, is excellent.

    Being a former uni graduate has nothing to do with intelligence. Abbott is a walking political disaster.

    No, the government are not obliged to follow it through. Unfortunately Cameron publicly stated they would. Trust in politicians couldn’t go much lower but it certainly will if they block leaving the EU.

    Campaign to rejoin by all means but not leaving is an insult and worse.

    Why do you think ‘leavers’ didn’t know what they were voting for? How patronizing.

    Bobbie : Love you too. Twatwaffle xxx

  5. cherries Reply

    December 10, 2018 at 5:43 am

    Simmply because no one knew, certainly not in 2016, which is why we need a second vote now that we know more isn’t that plain old common sense?

    The most clever people in politics (there are some including Diane Abbott) had very different opinions on Brexit so how could you expect the man/woman in the street to completely understand the details?

    By the way I don’t think anyone that wasn’t rich and privately educated would get a place in Cambridge so your slurs are disgraceful.

    Glad you’ve admitted the government is not obliged to follow it through.

    Let’s be honest not everyone who voted to leave is racist but every racist voted leave.

    Nice moniker Twatwaffle !

  6. cherries Reply

    December 10, 2018 at 5:44 am

    Simply !

  7. Neil Bamforth Reply

    December 11, 2018 at 6:33 am

    Cherries : I’ve never been a fan of the EU’s direction of travel but neither am I a passionate Brexiteer.

    Apparently the EU have been told they cannot ‘punish’ us if we remain…joining the single currency, Schengen etc…which is good.

    Will I lose sleep if we remain? No. Neither if we leave.

    I do worry what might happen if Brexit is foiled though. I suspect civil unrest? Who knows.

    Anyway, nice to find some common ground with you. I have no personal objections to another referendum as I’m not really that bothered. My worry is a stitch up leading to unrest is all.

  8. Neil Bamforth Reply

    December 11, 2018 at 6:33 am

    Abbott is a joke though 😜

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