When Is A Yorkshireman Not A Yorkshireman?

North Yorkshire County, England, UK

by Neil Bamforth

Yorkshire is a county in England. ‘God’s own county’ is how Yorkshire people often refer to it. They lost ‘The Wars of The Roses’ to my home county of Lancashire or, to be more accurate, The House of York lost to The House of Lancaster. Despite this irritation, Yorkshire merely pokes fun at us Lancastrians rather than lobbing Molotov cocktails over the border.

Yorkshire people are often referred to as ‘Tykes’ – take my word for it. Explaining everything in detail here would take forever.

They are also often accused of being a ‘bit tight with money’, although they would suggest they are merely careful with it.

All in all, Yorkshire is a beautiful county and Yorkshire folk are exceedingly proud to be ‘born n bred’ in Yorkshire.

Recently, there has been an increasing crescendo of Yorkshire voices raised against calling a certain group of people ‘Yorkshiremen’.

Now if the group in question merely lived in Yorkshire and hadn’t been born in Yorkshire, it would be not only understandable but not even controversial to raise such objections.

If I moved to Yorkshire I could not claim to be a Yorkshireman. I was born in Lancashire. Anyone moving there from another English county or from another country could not claim to be a Yorkshireman, as you have to be born there to claim such a thing.

The increasing crescendo of objections to a group being named as Yorkshiremen is due not to their crimes, but their ancestral origins.

Some groups of Muslim men have been jailed for grooming young white girls for sex. Most of the men were born in Yorkshire. All are of Pakistani or Bangladeshi descent.

The media have been stating that a ‘gang of Yorkshiremen’ have been jailed. This is starting to annoy the hell out of the people of Yorkshire.

Nobody, I am certain, would argue against these men being jailed for their crimes but, it is interesting to note that all of them are Muslims and people of color.

If they were all white men, would the objections of the good people of Yorkshire have been made in the same way? I very much doubt it.

What the loud exclamations emanating from Yorkshire do underline, is how little Britain has managed to accept ‘others’ into the country.

What the people of Yorkshire are inadvertently underlining is that efforts to force ‘multiculturalism’ on many Brits has failed. Equally, efforts to get acceptance of other cultures and faiths has failed.

Some of these men are second and third generation on from the original immigrant families. They are ‘born n bred’ in Yorkshire and yet, as far as almost all of Yorkshire are concerned, they are anything but Yorkshiremen.

I’m not saying I blame the people of Yorkshire for feeling this way, indeed, I do feel some empathy with them but, the men were born in Yorkshire.

The suggestion is that the men should have been identified as ‘men of Pakistani origin or descent’. Well, they are but, they are also ‘born n bred’ Yorkshiremen.

The very act of so many Yorkshire people in insisting the men should not be identified as such merely proves that, wherever Britain is at the moment, successfully multicultural it ain’t.

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One Response to When Is A Yorkshireman Not A Yorkshireman?

  1. Neil Bamforth Reply

    March 7, 2019 at 1:42 pm

    …. Also, given their crimes, for the record, I would cheerfully support them being stripped of British citizenship at the end of their sentences and kicked out to their ancestral homes of Pakistan or Bangladesh…. And good riddance.

    This Islamic abuse of vulnerable female children is not acceptable anywhere.

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