A New World Order: TrumpAmerica

by Bill Formby

Over the last few months I have been suggesting that Donald Trump has been edging toward becoming a dictator and essentially throwing out America’s Constitutional Government. Well he is but one small step away from accomplishing that goal.

He started with his blatant lies and total misrepresentations about what was true or not about anything and everything. Any day now he may redefine the names of specific colors. Black is becoming a brighter shade of white, what was red is now to be called blue, and what was green may be redefined as yellow. Some were calling me fatalistic because he was limited by the Constitution.

As was pointed out before, the Constitution is nothing more than pieces of paper with scribbling on them. There actually was nothing that could be done about Trump’s coup d’etat because the only branch of government with any force behind it was the administration. Congress, nor the courts, had no forcible way of carrying out the Congressional Mandates of oversight unless one political party ruled the numbers in both houses. Well folks, welcome to the newest country in the world, Trumpmerica.

You see, this country was built, and had continued to grow, based on a very simplistic concept. That people wanted a free standing government where men and women of goodwill had agreed to follow a set of rules and guidelines that the founders written out. However, those founders had never conceived of anything being able to occur as it is today. Well, in a way they did but then they wrote themselves out of the history books.

The idea behind the Electoral College was to prevent a large segment of a superior numerical voters from voting in a tyrant and establishing a dictatorship. This was an idea about governing providing a check and balance to give a lesser represented group from becoming serfs to a king.

I don’t think they contemplated a lesser number of voters playing enough politics to simply win the Electoral College and taking over the country. Well, guess what? A two bit hustler is well on his way to doing that. The reality of the human animal to control the world seems to be winning out. The Republicans it seems, have essentially thrown out the idea of having a better country. Instead they have figured out how, with a television reality star, how to define the term, “better country” as meaning their idea of a better country.

Now, of course, Donald Trump did not do this alone. He did, however, show the Republicans how it could be done if they just listened to he and Mitch McConnell. What started out as somewhat of a joke on the American people has suddenly become a reality of “Republicans being the “Tar Baby” to the Democrats B’rer Rabbit.

What occurred was a perfect storm of enough power hungry, or cowardly, corrupt Republicans to go along with a greedy, ignorant, con artist like Donald Trump to become president at a crucial time in history. That time came a little more than three years ago. The first step was stopping the prior president from having a single appointment to the Supreme Court.

I am willing to bet that not even a Kentucky huckster like Mitch McConnell saw just how big that maneuver would be in the future. He probably thought the Republicans were fighting for their lives because Hillary Clinton was believe to be the next president. But, perfect storms are indeed perfect. Donald Trump got to put two votes on the Supreme Court. WOW! Did not see that coming.

So, now here we are. Trump has set back gains for the working people and the middle income people 50 years with his tax cut and deregulating most everything except how much arsenic is allowed in drinking water.

The remarkable thing about this fiasco is that he is still telling the American people exactly what he is doing and convincing them it is in their best interest. He and his minions have actually redefined the institutions of American government. He simply calls the truth lies, and his lies truth.

He has said the current healthcare policies are bad and his ideas are good even though he is throwing the people with low and middle incomes under the bus. Fine, except neither he nor the people in the Senate have any idea to replace them.

Now, when congress is trying to slow down this catastrophe, he says, in the person of his Attorney General Barr, screw you congress. He could well hire MC Hammer to dance on the White House lawn singing, “Ya can’t touch this!” and he would be right. Sure, we have an election coming up next year but he may well change the voting laws enough to win again, with the help of his friend “Vlad, the fixer”.

It worked once, why not do it again. Since his only claim to fame is, “Hey, look at the good economy”. His idiot followers do not even understand that this free wheeling economy, with all of its deregulation, can be taken away in a heartbeat if Trump decides it is not in his best interest. Trump is being mild mannered compared to what he will be like with another term. He will see that next term as his last chance and he will start stocking up his money. Either that or he will try to make the presidency a permanent position, sort of like a king, and bequeath the office to his heirs.

Sound ridiculous? So did the mere fact that this piece of crap could even become president.

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3 Responses to A New World Order: TrumpAmerica

  1. Michael John Scott Reply

    May 3, 2019 at 9:30 am

    If Trump is stopped in 2020 America will survive his insane machinations. If he is re-elected we will be well and truly fucked.

  2. Bill Formby Reply

    May 3, 2019 at 1:29 pm

    That we will, Mike. That we will.

  3. Cherries Reply

    May 5, 2019 at 7:38 am

    I’m English and can’t believe we’re rolling out the red carpet for him next month on a State visit 😱
    Hopefully there will be plenty of people who will let him know he’s not welcome. Sadly there are some who actually and unbelievably like him it’s insane.

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