Apple Is Killing the Awful iTunes—Finally

by Michael John Scott

Well, you can love it or hate it but iTunes has been around for nearly 20 years and now it’s getting the proverbial boot which makes me happy, as I have found it to be the clunkiest, least intuitive application in the Apple lineup and I’m an Apple fan!

The company will announce its pending demise on Monday at a developer conference in California, Bloomberg reports. The multi-faceted media software is slated to be replaced by separate TV, Music, and Podcasts apps that are already on iPads and iPhones but should be coming to Macs in a software update this year.

The long-rumored move is designed, at least in part, to reframe Apple as a provider of entertainment services at a time when iPhone sales are lagging, per Rolling Stone. The fate of iTunes on Microsoft Windows remains unclear, notes Business Insider.

Bye, bye iTunes!

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2 Responses to Apple Is Killing the Awful iTunes—Finally

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  2. weenie schnauzen2 Reply

    June 13, 2019 at 2:40 am

    but i thought trunt killed american how can you kill itunes if itunes is american (made by apple itunes witch is americal.)

    all american hand made made in the usa
    no china imported

    haha if you just
    if you noticed you can ad and L (letter l) to american and it sounds like americ
    a miracle.

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