California Flips Off Trump: Cuts Own Deal With Automakers, Ignoring EPA

Vehicles make their way west on Interstate 80 across the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in 2015. (AP Photo/Ben Margot, File)

by Michael John Scott

California is flipping off Trump’s big business and fossil fuel oriented Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Four major automakers have reached a deal with California to increase gas mileage and greenhouse gas emissions standards, bypassing the Trump administration’s push to freeze requirements at 2021 levels.

Automakers Ford, BMW, Honda, and Volkswagen signed the deal with the California Air Resources Board, the state’s air pollution regulator, which had been at odds with the Trump administration for months.

California had made it clear it would set more stringent pollution and mileage standards than the federal government proposed. Predictably, the Trump administration reacted angrily to the end run, with EPA spokesman Michael Abboud calling it a “PR stunt” and charging that California regulators “continually refused to produce reasonable and responsible proposals.”

California’s popular Governor Gavin Newsom, however, wants it to be a nationwide movement: “I now call on the rest of the auto industry to join us.”

The trump gang has sought to freeze Obama administration standards, keeping fleetwide new-vehicle mileage at 2021 levels of about 30 mpg, so as to keep their corporate pals happy. The administration says the extra expense to comply with the requirements will raise the price of new cars, making them unaffordable and depriving buyers of new safety technology.

Many experts, including former EPA engineers, challenge that assertion. The administration also has threatened to challenge California’s ability to set its own standards. California regulators said their deal delays by one year the new-vehicle fuel efficiency requirements approved under the Obama administration for model years 2022 through 2025.

So the fleet of new vehicles would have to average around 36 miles per gallon in real-world driving by 2026. The four automakers see the agreement as insurance to provide certainty to the industry and the state no matter who wins the 2020 presidential elections, said one person familiar with the talks.

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3 Responses to California Flips Off Trump: Cuts Own Deal With Automakers, Ignoring EPA

  1. jess Reply

    July 27, 2019 at 11:19 am

    Had it been done in a gooper run state and went along with what dolt45 wanted they would not be challenging anything. GO California.

  2. Glenn Geist Reply

    July 27, 2019 at 2:05 pm

    States Rights. They used to love it but it’s all over now.

    by 2026, there should be a lot of electric cars around and most of the R&D going on is relative to electric power. My V8 Jaguar will be gone next year. It’s all going electric, which means no long cross country trips because we don’t have charging stations. But 36 MPG for a gas engine means very light and very slow and seeing the physiques of my fellow Floridians they will stay with trucks. Hell my Harley doesn’t get much better than that. No, it’s all gonna be kilowatts by and by and that will make the discussion obsolete. Spend the money on fast chargers and forget making tiny lawnmower powered cars.

    As much as I hate to see it, that all American V8 growl is fading away. Someday, my unhappy ghost will haunt the Palm Beach drag strip, moaning softly about past times.

    • Michael John Scott Reply

      July 28, 2019 at 8:45 am

      Speaking of lawnmowers and electric cars, I’ve an “electric” lawnmower, not one with a long ridiculous cord that one runs the risk of running over, but one with a battery. It’s quiet, clean, and doesn’t smell. One battery lasts an hour, and I bought a second one. Two hours is more than enough to cut my 1.5 acres. I also have a super-powerful leaf blower that will move a brick, and I know because I tested it. I use this to blow the dust, dirt and debris out of my car. No need to vacuum anymore. Yes. Electric cars are the future, but not the near future under Trump and his Republicans.

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