John Oliver Explains Britain’s Boris Johnson and It’s Truly Savage

by Michael John Scott

After a short hiatus, John Oliver returned to his HBO show on Sunday to deliver what Mashable describes as a “truly savage and clinical takedown” of new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson:

A highlight:

“Britain is f—–.” Johnson comes off almost as a comical buffoon, which Oliver calls a “carefully calibrated act.”

Now BoJo has a mere 100 days to shepherd the UK out of the European Union, and failure “could have catastrophic ramifications” not just for Britain but for the entire world. Then comes the Hugh Grant analogy.

More highlights:

“Think of it this like this: Hugh Grant is delightful in romantic comedies: the stammering, the hesitation, the inability to relate to his immediate surroundings with any level of competence. You want to see Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral, but no one wants to see him in United 93, because the context would make his character a lot less charming.”

One would normally feel some sympathy for the fumbling BoJo, except Americans have Donald Trump, a man who also makes promises he cannot keep, and we are content to feel sorry for ourselves.

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4 Responses to John Oliver Explains Britain’s Boris Johnson and It’s Truly Savage

  1. Neil Bamforth Reply

    July 29, 2019 at 3:48 pm

    BoJo will do what he says he will do.

    BoJo is not Trump. Nothing like.

  2. Neil Bamforth Reply

    July 30, 2019 at 11:26 am

    Proroguing Parliament to prevent them blocking it is legal, under our democracy.

    However, The Queen has to agree.

    I suspect, should it come to that, she will, but it would be a bad thing to put her in that position.

    It’s Parliaments call. Honor the 2016 referendum or drag The Queen into it.

    We’ll be gone October 31st, one way or another.

    $50 says so 😁

    If I’m wrong I’ll genuinely transfer that to your account and you can buy doggie treats…. Then it’s win / win 🐶

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