Operation ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ Finds Extreme Cases of Animal Cruelty

Approximately four dozen officers fanned out across the area, making 13 arrests as part of Operation “Don’t Be Cruel.” Some of the cases were extreme.

America Continues Downward Slide To Irrelevant Oblivion

The fact is Trump isn’t smart enough to know what he’s doing, and yet millions think he’s a genius, and millions more think he’s the hand of God.

America’s Two Sicknesses: Guns and God

America has two sicknesses that make it a dangerous and backward place to live: Guns, and religion. We fetishize deadly weapons.

Hey Trump—Please Stop Pretending Like You Care

Unfortunately, Trump is a malignant narcissist who only pretends at humanity. Well, if I’m being honest, he does a lousy job of pretending to be anything.