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The Chaos That Is Europe

by Neil Bamforth

As arguments wax and wane over whether the UK should or should not leave the European Union, or even whether it actually will come to that, much of the British media seem oblivious to the chaos that is occurring all over Europe at the moment. Chaos that makes the United Kingdom seem like a haven of peace, tranquility and even common sense.

Quite why so much of the British media seems impervious to reporting on this chaos while it reports regularly on shootings in the USA and the awful slaughter in Syria – both certainly, and justifiably, headline news events around the world – is something of a mystery to many.

Take the ‘Yellow Vest’ protests in France as an obvious example.

What began as a campaign against a petrol and diesel tax increase, grew rapidly into a broader protest against President Emmanuel Macron’s government. Scenes of violent clashes erupted across France. Protesters hurled petrol bombs and bricks while the riot police used water cannons, stun grenades and tear gas as they attempted to contain the anger.

24 protesters have lost eyes via police activity during these protests.

Now, it isn’t for me to say who is right and who is wrong in France. However, there has rarely been anything approaching a substantial mention of any of this on British media – in particular, the BBC.

Both the United Nations and the European Parliament have condemned the French police for the apparent use of excessive force during the yellow vest rallies, and yet, many of the British public remain almost unaware that it has, and is, happening.

Europe is in the grip of a refugee crisis – something that, occasionally gets a mention. Usually when some drown trying to cross to Europe in a rubber dinghy – yet mentions of this are few and far between and, when it is mentioned on British media, it is almost always entirely sympathetic to the refugees regardless of the fact many are simply economic migrants not fleeing war zones etc.

Indeed, Turkey has recently threatened Europe with ‘opening the flood gates’ by the simple expedient of allowing land transit to migrants as Turkey, of course, straddles both Europe and the opposite side of The Mediterranean Sea.

Not a peep about this threat in the British media.

Of course, most people can get this information easily via the internet but many don’t.

Many still rely and depend on our media outlets letting them know what is going on in the world and, indeed, they do.

Quite rightly, the dreadful mass shootings recently in the USA were headline news here as well as across the globe. However, my wife – somewhat unexpectedly in my view as she rarely comments on such things – said, as we watched the news, “We’ve already heard about this American mass shooting four times. What else is going on in the world?”

Now she wasn’t being disrespectful. She, like any sane person, was horrified at what had happened. What she was pointing out though was, that even as somebody who doesn’t generally discuss world events to any great degree, she was noticing that the media seemed hell bent on focusing on one thing, and that one thing was about as far away from Europe as it could be.

She inadvertently made my point for me.

Twenty four people losing their eyes through French police behaving badly – The UN and even The European Parliament have said that – might well not be remotely on a par with so many innocents being shot dead in a Walmart in the USA, but, surely, Europe is nearer to us than the USA so, equally surely, as an important news story, it should have got a mention somewhere?

Nope. Nothing. Not a sausage – well, not unless you use the internet anyway.

Another thing that I find quite alarming is this.

You have to be careful regarding social media. There is an incredible amount of absolute bullshit out there. Even when it isn’t exactly bullshit, it can be something many years old being portrayed as yesterday.

However, when staunch supporter of The EU, Guy Verhofstadt makes a speech in The EU Parliament openly stating that The EU needs to take more sovereignty from EU member countries, should that be confined to social media?

When German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, makes a speech openly insisting on a European Union army, should that not be headline news? – Particularly when everybody from former British Liberal leader Nick Clegg to pretty much any EU supporter in Britain has consistently stated no such thing was ever planned.

People have taken to the streets to protest against a labor law in Hungary, against tuition costs in Albania and against state violence in Serbia. Germany, meanwhile, has seen its first “yellow vest” style demonstration.

“The main news on the BBC tonight is the flood damage in Derbyshire”

Much of the British media is, frankly, treating the populace like mushrooms. Keeping us in the dark and feeding us bullshit.

The amazing thing is, despite the internet and social media, they are getting away with it.

Europe is increasingly descending into chaos. Even the French and German economies are starting to head towards recession yet, in our news, “Boris has his hair cut” and “Jeremy Corbyn grows his own vegetables”.

And no, I have no idea whether Jeremy Corbyn actually grows his own vegetables. I’d like him more if he did.

British MEP (Member of The European Parlilament) Lance Forman, who runs H. Forman & Son, a smoked salmon business in Fish Island, London, said his “two most prevalent impressions” are the “huge waste” and the “lack of democracy”.

He said: “You have this fantastic spectacular building and offices and it is basically used for three-and-a-half-days a month. Every month they have to transfer all the documents, 6,000 people across from Brussels to Strasbourg, because they have to take their seat at Parliament and then transfer it all back again. It just sits there empty.

“In terms of democratic deficit. We were in there on Tuesday for 20-minutes and that was all the business for the day. MEPs had travelled all the way there for 20-minutes, it was a complete waste of time.”

Mr Forman added: “You have a view on the way the European Union behaves but when you come here and see it with your own eyes, it is very obvious in the way they look after their own, they are not really looking after the people of Europe. That is why people are rising up now and saying ‘enough is enough’.”

The EU spends, literally, billions per year moving the EU Parliament from Brussels to Strasbourg and back. A financial scandal of epic proportions, yet not a peep on most of the British media about it.

Mr Forman is quite right.

People all across Europe are beginning to realize and rise up against The EU and, given the behavior of The EU, it is hardly surprising.

Europe is in chaos and it will get a lot worse before it gets better – not that it is likely to get better anytime soon.

Still, the BBC in particular will make sure you know all about any thunderstorms likely to cause some flooding near your home.

Chaos in Europe? What chaos?

If there was an EU emperor, I’m sure his clothes would be very fine indeed.

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4 Responses to The Chaos That Is Europe

  1. jess Reply

    August 6, 2019 at 10:28 am

    Bread and circuses to keep the masses entertained while the powers that be pick our pockets and do any number of bad things.

    • Michael John Scott Reply

      August 6, 2019 at 12:13 pm

      You are exactly right and it’s rare that I agree with Neil on this subject.

  2. Glenn Geist Reply

    August 6, 2019 at 1:33 pm

    And I also agree, but I must admit my American pride is wounded by the insinuation that we here are not as insular and ignorant as the British. Turkey? Is that a country? We don’t know, we don’t care and we’re proud of it.

    Doesn’t it sometimes seem that when Trump puts his foot in something or they find an underage hooker under his bed, there’s a shooting we have to obsess about for 72 hours?

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