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An Open Letter To Dr. Robert Jeffress

Robert Jeffress with his friend Donald Trump

by Dr. Mark Bear

Since you as a pastor of First Baptist of Dallas blocked me for an apparent good dosage of my providing you with biblical scriptures to counter your utter and inane BS where you worship Trump while ignoring those scriptures, you will need to forgive me for having to reach out to you in this manner, won’t you?

Look, I do not know how to make this any clearer: Your degree is not in science but in theology! Your calling when you were ordained was NOT to be on Fox News extolling the virtues of a man who has been thrice married, an admitted sexual predator, and one who had sex with a porn star only to have his campaign guy – Michael Cohen – cover up said affair with hush money. Yes, this happened, whether you wish to grant the man a “mulligan” or not. By the way, could any of you conservative evangelicals point me to one single verse of the Bible where a man – or group of them – can grant a “mulligan” for having an extramarital affair? No! You can’t!

But your behavior of late is really quite disturbing, ya know where you bashed – bullied – the little girl named Greta Thunberg – a girl who has Aspergers and is on the autism spectrum – only to tell her to focus on other things which are not imaginary? Yeah, that girl. The girl who moved the entire United Nations to applause due to her speech talking about climate change and the inherent danger we are placing our future generation at, but you somehow as a supposed man of the cloth can find it in your heart to TELL Greta what is or isn’t real or imaginary? Let me ask: Do you have the science to back up what you are saying in public? No!

Yet, you use the pathetic excuse that Greta should not be worried because “God promised not to destroy the earth by water again,” and she should just go “look at a rainbow” for her reassurance. Do tell us please: Whenever did YOU become the arbiter of what a little girl can feel is a threat to her?

At least, try to look like a pastor and have a bit of empathy for the girl, wouldn’t you say? What’s that? I couldn’t hear you because you have your head so far up the ideological partisanship in this country – namely Mr. Trump’s rear end – that we cannot hear you anymore.

You, sir, have lost any credibility you may have had for those you believe your task to lead to Christ. Because you want to know something? That girl spoke from HER HEART! Not only did she speak from her heart, she lives what she believes, unlike well you get the point. Because of her concern over the climate contribution of mankind she took a sail boat from her country to the United States. And while you may lay claim to doing the same, she speaks with a purity of heart as she is not married to ANY ideology, but simply is sharing what is of concern to her.

In her words, “How DARE you?”

Why not focus on preaching to yourself and those you lead, while educating them how you have been misleading them all of these years because deep down you realize you will never be the person you have wanted to be. Oh sure, you get on Fox News every now and then, or Todd Starnes as is the case here, but in the end you will NEVER have the impact you could have had on those Jesus said He wanted YOU and I to give the good news to, because you have been too focused on politics. Yes! I have looked the scriptures over repetitively for any verse telling us we are to win votes. Oh, wait, I do have one verse which applies.

“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and the one who is wise saves lives.”

You see, Dr. Jeffries: In order to save lives we must live righteous lives; not hypocritical ones adopting positions which counter God’s Word. Why? Because THAT is called hypocrisy!

And instead of cherry-picking the Word which we all as pastors were instructed is powerful for “reproof, correction and doctrine that the man of God may reach maturity” why not take into consideration one text you seem to have missed while talking to Todd Starnes?

Furthermore, instead of just saying “God created the universe for us; not for us to serve the environment,” could you, oh I don’t know preach the entirety of scripture? You know where I Peter 4:10 states:

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.”

It’s called stewardship Dr. Jeffress, and while it may shock you that preachers need to preach beyond money being given the church as a legitimate stewardship topic, if what you said to Starnes is true, that is that the world was created for us, then we have a responsibility to take care of it.  You know, like your pulpit.

You know, Numbers 35:33? Oh, wait, THAT verse just doesn’t fit into your ideology so here’s what I will do for you: I will give the verse since I am certain you have neglected to open that portion of your Bible, or you simply do not care.

Either way: Quit bullying a little girl! I am quite certain Jesus Himself would approve of that message.,

“‘Do not pollute the land where you are. Bloodshed pollutes the land, and atonement cannot be made for the land on which blood has been shed, except by the blood of the one who shed it.” (Numbers 35:33).

Or, is there is a little hole where you cut these verses out of your Bible, Sir?

Look, I suspect you don’t like what I have said this morning Dr. Jeffress, and I reach that conclusion due to the manner in which your followers have treated me when I have posted on your Wall previously. They have called me “immoral,” “Satan,” and even a “Communist.” But your issue is not with me Sir. It is with the very message and words you tell others to live by but ignore when it servers your political purposes.

In case you missed it: An Open Letter to Louisiana Governor Jon Bel Edwards

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Joe Hagstrom
Joe Hagstrom(@joe-hagstrom)
2 years ago

I am the Lord your God. You shall not put strange or false gods before me. Looks like Reverend Jeffress is putting Trump before God. as I recall, one of the last sentences in Revelation warned us not to pervert the words in The Bible. While I am glad to bow before Dr. Bears superior knowledge of Bible stuff, these look like serious sins to me.
Not that it’s my call. Paul said you are saved by the grace of God. It’s up to Him. Paul was a prick. Peter even thought that. I hope for Reverend Jeffress’ sake God isn’t like Paul.

Michael John Scott
2 years ago

Faith? I have faith that I’ll wake up in the morning but I know I may not. Regardless, I don’t worship the God of Waking Up. The whole faith thing is overrated but charlatans like Jeffress cast out that Jesus crap like corn meal to a catfish and then he sits back and reels them in. It’s the suckers that make it all work.

Glenn Geist
2 years ago

I feel your anger and disgust, but to me it’s faith itself that is found not only wanting, but dangerous. There are no limits to faith, no criteria for what to believe other than the choice, the will to believe. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we believe what suits us, what pleases us and facilitates our well being. Often, if not always, it’s a cultural artifact we adopt to feel like part of our chosen group.

If we have been “given” anything as humans it’s the ability to consider the welfare of others not in the tribe and future generations of our kind and in fact life itself. When considering a “faith” I ask whether it’s altruistic in that it seeks to benefit others or whether it’s all about and only about pleasing some supernatural entity. My choice there is clear and independent of some “scripture” I might choose to accept unquestioned despite knowing of it’s all too obviously human origins.

I certainly don’t seek to diminish your feelings and I believe in that same stewardship you speak of, but for its own sake and the sake of our unique and all too temporary world. I’m just pointing out that unquestioned faith tends to be an expression of our own human vanity and needs us to ask ourselves how likely it is to reflect our vanity, our avarice and our animal nature.

Does our good will reflect our faith, or does our faith reflect our better nature?

Michael John Scott
2 years ago

These hypocrites have no shame. His despicable comments directed at this brave young woman belie the tenets of his faith.