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The Law And Order Candidate Turned Out To Be Lawless

by Mark Bear

How many of you remember when Trump was at the Republican National Convention accepting the nomination? Remember, while looking into the camera he said, as though our nation was experiencing such rampant crime, “I alone am the law and order candidate?” While the phrase may be a bit paraphrased, the take away was clear to every viewer.

To Trump supporters, it meant he was going squash dissent from “those” troublesome people which in their mindsets always cause problems; minorities. It was a not only a dog-whistle but yelled from a megaphone. And, even if you do not recall it, I DO! Which leads me to my next point here.

Here is a reminder of that coined phrase by Trump, should any of you need to refresh your respective memories, let me provide you the

But here is the problem: Trump is anything but the “law and order candidate,” isn’t he? Lest any of you have forgotten:

Former Federal Prosecutor Chuck Rosenberg makes this allegation surpass mere speculation or opinion, as he actually states that Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator in federal election fraud and being part of paying an adult film star, Stormy Daniels for providing “hush money” to keep his campaign alive. In other words, he did not follow election finance laws which he used his patsy, Michael Cohen – who is serving time for such a crime to do the same.

In recent court filings and in open court, President Donald Trump has been identified as “Individual-1” in a federal criminal probe. Based on court documents, it also seems reasonably clear that the president — by whatever name you call him — is deeply (and perhaps criminally) implicated in federal election law crimes committed by his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

Then, we all watched in disbelief as Corey Lewandowski – who is planning to run for the Senate no less, act with such contempt towards our Judicial Committee.  While testifying before that committee, the snot-nosed, arrogant, condescending piece of excrement dodged questions for several hours until a real lawyer showed up. It was only then that things got rocky for Lewandowski, because just as the media ran out to tell the world how the hearing was disasterous for the Democratic Party, a brisk lawyer questioned him while making Lewandowski show his true colors. Why?

Because the attorney asking those questions had  but thirty minutes, and as he used those minutes he nailed down several lies and inconsistencies that Lewandowski had already told, while admitting he had no obligation to being truthful to the media, this when the media tried to portray the hearing as a “total failure” in the eyes of many pundits. Whether Lewandowski’s truthfulness towards the media extends to the committee, I will allow each of you to decide.

And how about those Republicans, eh? Through procedural stonewalling,  their throwing temper tantrums, and fabricating such outlandish theories, how many of those Republicans appeared to be searching for the actual truth? Answer: Zero!

Currently, there are approximately 50,000 UAW on strike, and what did the CEO of General Motors do?  She cut the health benefits of all those striking workers as leverage. Oh, and she earned a healthy 22 Million dollars equating to 296 times what her average worker [who gave several concessions] and remained to rebuild the GM plant. Of course, Trump has very little to offer here, as he seems to be simply stoking that fire through his tweet saying, “Here we go again.”

Never mind that it has been twelve years since the UAW negotiated their contracts and that four factories are either closed or in the process of doing so. For Trump, it is one tagline: “Keep America Great Again.” But if keeping America great again means we all live with his constant undoing of the previous President’s accomplishments, what does he actually add to the equation? Kids in cages? Income disparity getting larger? Tax cuts for the wealthiest? Taking insurance from people without a replacement? Mocking political opponents? Engaging in rhetoric which led to mass shootings? How does this make America great again, and why in the heck would any sane individual wish to keep it this way?

Next, we have a NPR report that Trump did away with Iran Nuclear deal, this when those not too fond of the deal found out the Iranians were meeting every agreement contained within the deal. Now, we find out from several sources that the main reason Trump ditched the deal, was, get this: “Because he wanted to spite Barack Obama.” Real nice reason, huh? And the war drums keep beating with the hawks just itching to start a war.

Pompeo, despite Yemen taking full responsibility, is placing blame directly to Iran, with Pompeo calling it an act of War. Troops have been sent to Saudi Arabia, the very Kingdom where several of the terrorists who struck our Twin Towers were from. The withdrawal from the Iranian deal demonstrates to the globe that the United State’s word can no longer be trusted. How does this demonstrate “law and order?” Remember: The power to declare war rests upon Congress despite the post 9-11 expanded powers given, which do not apply to this situation whatsoever.

All of the above incidents indicate a man who is not a law and order candidate, but one who defies the constitutional  norms and rules – and quite possibly laws – that have been embedded in our democracy for generations.

Furthermore, Trump has avoided testifying before the Special Counsel’s interview and was requested to provide further explanation for his limited answers.  He refused. And now, the worst: he has through Lewandowski’s testimony told the Judiciary Committee that Trump claimed his former cronies are protected by ‘Constitutional immunity,’ a term which has no legal foundation.  To be clear: there are no  ‘save the executive’ privileges when the Oversight Committee wants answers.

In addition, we now know that someone from the intelligence community became a whistleblower, utilizing the legal chain of command allowing individuals working within this community to do so without breaking the law.  The IG upon receipt of the complaint determined that there was clear and “urgent concern,” the legal term to classify such communiques. Please recall that the IG is a Trump appointee, and the Director of National Intelligence  Maguire, refuses to pass the information to its rightful place; Congress.  Despite his not having a say whatsoever, Maguire was instructed from someone higher up the food chain to not pass the information along. What we all have learned in the past two days regarding this story is potentially alarming, if not worse than what we have endured for the past three years.

Media reports from the Washington Post indicate that the issue which is key to this whistleblower’s concern is that Trump made a “promise” to a foreign entity.  Turns out, according to the Wall Street Journal that the foreign entity is Ukraine. Making matters worse? Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s friend and confidante admitted that he “asked top Ukraine leaders to investigate Joe Biden’s son for yet, another cooked up scandal that will provide another false talking point for Trump’s re-election squad. Of course, Trump – and other conservatives – are dismissing the conversation which led to the whistleblower filing a report. The entire “scandal” regarding Biden has been already documented as “unfounded.” Welcome to Gaslighting 101, folks.

We are all in uncharted waters here folks with several arguing there are two specific actions which make this man impeachable. First, he has refused to answer questions honoring the democratic norms of an Executive answering to the checks and balances of Congress, engaging in real time obstruction while in the process. Second, if the allegations as reported by outlets, regarding Trump’s conversation with the Ukranian President Zelensky are true, and if he did in fact – as many suspect – withhold aid to that nation as a point of leverage to get Zelensky’s government to dig dirt on his potential political opponent, Joe Biden, he is abusing the power of his office.

So let us each call this fiasco what it really is? It is a constitutional crisis, and we need lawyers like Barry Berke who questioned Corey Lewandowski, to question Trump and every single person who refused to appear. Furthermore, it might just be time for Congress to charge those witnesses who refuse to comply with inherent contempt.  In Trump’s own words: Lock them up until they do speak because Congress does have that authority.

Trump is anything but “a law and order” occupant of our Oval Office. Again and again he demonstrates his false narcissistic belief that he is above the law. He is not and it is time for Congress to apply further remedies to get to the truth.

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2 years ago

The law is meaningless to the Donald and those who follow him.

Myra Brewer
Myra Brewer
2 years ago

Our current president readily and regularly thumbs his nose at the American electorate… na na na na na na! There looks to be absolutely nothing anyone can do. Above the law? Lawless? What does it matter the semantics when this man for nearly three years has been treated like a president when in actual fact, kn Day 1 the man brought in outsiders who NEVER passed any security clearance as actual lawful people and WE were forced to accept them, allowed them every secure visitation and information they wanted … because the (elected by half the voters minus a couple million) current president said to do so. I think it is really too late to point out any lawlessness!

Caroline Taylor
2 years ago

Mark this is all so very true but nothing will be done about it because 90% of his base love him and he can do no wrong. That 90% is driven and supported by those evangelicals.