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Ad Astra: ‘The Most Boring Movie I’ve Ever Seen’

by Michael John Scott

There’s a lot of talk about this movie, with most of it urging viewers to skip it, although there are a few exceptions, particularly from the professional critics, who love those shows that involve deep, psychological introspection with virtually no real action or excitement.  I elected to include the audience observations, from Common Sense Media, in this review.

One viewer, a seemingly normal person observed:

80% of the movie is Brad Pitt staring off into space. Scientifically unsound at almost every turn. Seriously……I hate myself for not leaving the theater.

It is extremely slow developing and no payoff at the end. Very melancholy.

Then comes the parent/preacher with this unsurprising review:

I saw Ad Astra with my 11.5 year-old son. He gave it an “A” rating, and so do I. Ad Astra is an intelligent psychological chess game, exploring parent/child individuation and vulnerability as strength. It made my 11 year old son cry – he said it was the first time he ever cried in a movie. But admittedly it is not for everyone.

Those who go in expecting “Star Wars,” with lots of fast paced action may be disappointed, or pleasantly surprised. Think “2001: A Space Odyssey” for pacing. Unlike many superhero movies we’ve seen, there was never a time when I winced thinking, “why did they have to use that word,” or “that was too violent.”

As an ordained minister, I appreciated that my son could see this movie without a cesspool of language and violence. As an astrophysicist, I also appreciated the way that Ad Astra did much better at respecting the actual laws of physics then most sci-fi movies (with a few exceptions – e.g. liquid water boils instantly in Mars’ thin atmosphere – oops).

My wife is not a space fan, but she tolerated the movie and appreciated the emotional development in the father and son relationship. Brad Pitt deserves an Oscar for brilliant acting, and the producers (including Pitt) also deserve recognition for a thoughtful, beautiful and powerful film. I kept thinking about it the next day, which is always a sign of a good movie.

And finally:

This is the worst movie I’ve seen since the Good Shepherd. For starters there wasn’t one person on set that had a clue how physics works. Moreover, cheeze graphics, bad over cost acting and a worthless story line. You couldn’t pay me to go see this again!

The “Good Shepherd?”  Now I have to check that out just to see how bad it is.  As to Ad Astra, given the meager number of positive audience reviews, only 40%, and positive critics reviews at 83%, according to Rotten Tomatoes, I think I’ll wait until this comes to Amazon Prime.  After all high happy critic reviews coupled with low happy audience reviews, never makes for a good combination.

Have you seen this movie?  If so let us know what you think in the comments section.  Remember no need to include your email, as a matter of fact, just [email protected] or any variation thereof, will work fine.

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