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Here’s What Happens When There’s No Respect in a Love Relationship

Sometimes there may be a misunderstanding between partners. Even in the healthiest of relationships, quarrels sometimes occur. It is at such moments that mutual respect passes the test of strength.

Respect for a loved one can be quite simple to achieve, you just have to take into account their opinion and not resort to dishonest methods of dispute. Respect excludes attempts to establish power over a partner or manipulate them and consists of the right to be yourself and be loved for who you are.

Respect is expressed in our daily behavior when partners:

· listen to each other;

· speak well of each other;

· are open and honest with each other;

· value each other’s feelings;

· give each other their much needed personal space;

· respect the boundaries;

· share their hobbies and interests.

Honesty helps prevent the development of unnecessary drama and save time. If you are not comfortable with how your partner is talking to you or treating you, tell them about it.

And here are 6 manifestations of lack of respect in a relationship:

1. Your partner does not  pay attention to you.

Attentiveness to the words of your soulmate is the main and fundamental basis of respect. If you carefully listen to your partner, you thereby demonstrate your interest and care. Both parties should be free to express their thoughts, but if you begin to interrupt each other, shout, or ignore your partner, then you are not respected and the process of communication in a relationship is broken.

To listen does not mean to agree with everything again and again, but to listen to a partner and then respond. This not only speaks of your respect but also strengthens the relationship. Therefore, if your partner does not show interest in what you tell them, does not respond, and tries to interrupt you midsentence, then this is a sure sign of their disrespect. But, if you do break up because of this issue and find yourself single over 50, this doesn’t mean that it’s all over. Life goes on, and you will find many new partners down the line.

2. Your shortcomings are constantly pointed out.

We are all imperfect, but the feeling of internal guilt for your shortcomings is greatly enhanced if the partner regularly continues to remind about them. We all make mistakes, the main thing is to learn to accept this and draw the necessary conclusions to avoid them in the future. A good partner should help you grow and remind you of all your positive qualities. If they continually point out your weaknesses, then they do not respect you.

3. You are at the end of their priority list.

Each person needs time “for themselves,” and this is quite normal. But if this justifies a lack of attention to you, then you can forget about respect. Sometimes we can really be overwhelmed with work, but if your messages or you personally are consciously deprived of attention, this may indicate indifference. There is nothing wrong with paying attention to other people, but if you are ignored and your questions are answered at the very last minute, then this is a clear sign of a lack of attention to you.

4. No sense of comfort, only aggression.

Any manifestation of emotional abuse already speaks of disrespect. Respect begins where there is no violence. If your partner humiliates you, deliberately calls you names, or somehow abuses your feelings, then there can be no talk of respect. Criticism and heated conversations are signs of rudeness and hostility, accusations and harsh statements make you suffer. And your partner knows this very well.

5. Attempts to control everything.

Respect must be mutual. Relationships have no future if someone tries to take control of them. Both parties must be able to compromise, at least when it comes to things that aren’t all that important to them. You can’t always do everything in your own way. You have your own views and needs, and if your soulmate wants to control you or do everything the way they want, then they do not respect you. Do not be silent about what is important to you.

6. Disrespectful attitude towards your family and friends.

A partner does not have to love your family or friends the way you do, but they must respect them. You are going to spend a life together, and therefore you will often see each other’s relatives. It is very important to give them due respect. In any healthy relationship, it is important to respect the family and friends of your soulmate.

7. Any form of abuse

Now comes the obvious part: if you are experiencing any form of abuse, physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, financial, stalking, etc. – you must end a relationship right there and then. Not only does your partner not respect you, but they also do not treat you as an equal, they don’t care about your feelings.

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