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Can You Sue Your Car Mechanic?

You responsibly take your car to the auto repair shop and make sure it’s in good shape. Then the very next day something goes wrong and you find yourself in an accident. How could something new malfunction in such a serious way right after the car was inspected?

It happens all the time. Maybe it was a mistake or an oversight, or perhaps the mechanic even did it intentionally. Sadly, you can’t always trust everything a mechanic tells you. It might be impossible to know how it happened, but if the car mechanic left your car in an unsafe condition in one way or another, you may be able to hold them responsible for your expenses if an accident occurred.

What You Have to Prove

Proving all the steps in a case like this can be difficult, but a lawyer will know exactly what kind of evidence you need and how to work with the car mechanic to get it. Watch a video of an experienced Ft Lauderdale car accident lawyer explaining your options.

In order to sue a mechanic that worked on your vehicle, you will need to gather evidence to show what went wrong with your car and to establish that the mechanic failed to meet their obligations to you in repairing your car well.

Record everything that happens during and after an accident as thoroughly as you can. Make sure you also have a record of what services you received from the mechanic before the accident and when that occurred.

The Challenges of a Lawsuit

Going through with a lawsuit is a long and expensive process, and it’s often only worthwhile if the payoff is going to be significant. That doesn’t mean you can’t hold your mechanic accountable for what they did to you, however.

Your first option after this kind of accident occurs is to file your claim with the mechanic and request a settlement from their insurance company. In most cases, the liable party won’t have to go through the effort of a lawsuit either, so you may be able to get enough compensation this way.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies will offer settlements much below what you deserve. They want to offer the lowest possible amount that you will accept, whereas you may be able to get more by suing if your case is strong enough.

Finding a Lawyer and Discussing Your Case

By finding a qualified lawyer who has experience with cases like yours, you’ll have a better chance of getting the maximum possible payout for the damages you’ve suffered. An attorney will be able to negotiate for you when looking for a settlement and arguing over the claim, and they’ll be able to put together your case and advocate for you if it goes to trial.

Take your time to find a lawyer you can trust. Don’t just believe what they say but have your case evaluated by multiple lawyers before you pick one. This way you’ll get a better sense of what your options are for seeking justice and how it might turn out for you in the end.

Remember that if you don’t hold the auto mechanic responsible, there’s nothing stopping them from doing the same thing to other people.

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