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Reviewing ‘The Good Liar’ Without Revealing Spoilers


by Michael John Scott

It’s really hard to review The Good Liar without saying something, anything, that might spoil it but I’ll try. First, however, check out the trailer.

The film was set in London in 2009, and it opens as two people right around my age which isn’t young, find themselves chatting on a dating website and agree to meet for a casual dinner. This is where Roy (Ian McKellan) and Betty (Helen Mirren) come together and after an initial bit of awkwardness—each one utilized a fake name online—they quickly hit it off.

You will have to decide if their relationship is romantic, per se, or simply a matter of desperate companionship—Betty just lost her husband a year earlier and is not ready for something along those lines—but they become companions close enough so that when Roy’s bum knee acts up one night, Betty doesn’t think twice about letting him spend the night at her tastefully appointed home.

The only proverbial fly in the ointment in this otherwise sweet-sounding story is Betty’s grandson Steven (Russell Torvy), who is instantly suspicious of Roy and worries that his vulnerable grandmother is rushing into things far too quickly.

That’s about as far as I can go without giving up the plot, but I can say that I loved this movie.  It was articulate, intelligent, and a lot of fun.  I recommend it.

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2 Responses to Reviewing ‘The Good Liar’ Without Revealing Spoilers

  1. Linda Reply

    May 28, 2020 at 2:04 am

    I haven’t seen it, but after watching the preview, it appears That he’s a con man out for her money. As I said, I haven’t seen it, so I could be wrong.

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