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Six Important Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship

The relationship is a complex process. It consists of various nuances that influence success. Whether or not you think each relationship is different, there are some universal traits we want to see in our partner.

Every decision we make in the committed relationship has a butterfly effect. If the respect is gone from the relationship, your sexual life goes south. And vice versa, if your intimate life is absent, other important things get destroyed. If you don’t have loyalty, you won’t have respect either. Here are six irreplaceable ingredients you simply need to have in a healthy relationship.

  1. Respect 

Respect is one of the main ingredients of a healthy relationship. You may have seen couples who do and do not respect each other. The truth is, their attitude would be drastically different. Respectful adults have a stronger bond which is built more than just attraction. They completely understand each other’s needs and desires, giving their partner time and space. They see their significant other as a separate unique unit with their qualities, which they appreciate. Respectful couples don’t bicker in front of friends and family, don’t talk behind each other’s backs, don’t intrude into each other’s personal space when not needed.

The absence of manipulative behavior is a sign of respect in a relationship. Since both partners know and appreciate each other’s physical and emotional boundaries, they don’t feel threatened to see their significant other’s independence.

  1. Loyalty

Whether you choose a monogamous relationship or not, loyalty is something we all prefer in a partner. According to a Psychology Today article, loyalty is a trait we seek in a partner because of our primarily instincts to be cared for. (https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/close-encounters/201702/5-essential-qualities-romantic-partner ) Just like our mother is loyal to us, we need that emotional depth and security, the feeling that the other doesn’t go away. That is why we can be a bit territorial and controlling in a relationship. It’s wrong to say we see our partners as prized possessions, but in a human sense, we do.

When loyalty is not present in a relationship, other essential parts, such as respect, will be missing. If your partner is equally loyal to other men or women, we perceive it as a threat, lowering our respect for them by depreciating and devaluing them.

  1. Stability

Every healthy relationship needs stability. With a beloved person, we need to be sure they won’t go anywhere because of their bad mood. Instable people can’t create a stable relationship. If your partner flakes or disappears when they don’t want to participate in a relationship, that destabilizes you as a person. We need security to be sure we are not getting abandoned tomorrow. If your partner threatens to disappear or doesn’t even warn you about it, that does not look like a healthy relationship.

  1. Attraction

Sex and overall attraction are some of the most substantial ingredients of a healthy relationship. If you want to keep a balance in a romantic life, your sex relationships have to be on point. Sensuality and desire are things that make your relationship different from a friendship.

  1. Maturity

Maturity is one of the most essential traits for both partners in a relationship. When immature people form a relationship, it soon becomes catastrophic and childish. Mature partners know how to apologize first, put their SO’s values before they own capricious behavior. Mature people know how to take care of their partner and ensure stability in a relationship.

  1. Empathy/understanding

Empathy and understanding are key ingredients of a perfect relationship where both partners feel each other’s emotions, hear each other out, and are ready to help them. Not every relationship is purely empathic, for this, you need to hear yourself out at first. Only healthy, spiritual, and mature people want to hear each other out and find common ground in a conflict. Emotionally attached partners not only make the best lovers, but they are also best friends.

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One Response to Six Important Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship

  1. Call Me Steve Reply

    May 4, 2020 at 12:00 pm

    The best way to handle relationships is not to have one. I certainly don’t recommend them. All about heartache and pain.

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