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Woman Killed By Her Own French Bulldog

This French bulldog is not vicious. (Getty Images)

by Kate Seamons

A dog that had reportedly been bred to fight killed its Illinois owner on Saturday. WGN reports Lisa Urso, 52, had only recently adopted the French bulldog—and that the animal had last month attacked her boyfriend.

The dog was apparently taken by authorities after that attack, and Urso subsequently retrieved it from animal control. Lake County Coroner Dr. Howard Cooper said she wasn’t killed by a neck injury, but by many bites to her arms, legs, and torso. “Just a lot of bites. A lot of scratching. I hate to say it but unfortunately, it was a vicious attack.”

Cooper said the attack began in the Ingleside home but that Urso managed to make it to her outdoor patio, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Daily Herald reports Urso had plans to meet up with co-workers on Saturday, and when she failed to show, they went to her house and came upon her body. Cooper noted, per WGN:

“You don’t really think about it happening with a smaller dog breed, but we forget animals can be powerful. This animal has a lot of jaw strength.”

ED: There is no information on the status of the dog, but it will no doubt be euthanized.

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Edited via Newser.

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One Response to Woman Killed By Her Own French Bulldog

  1. Michael John Scott Reply

    May 15, 2020 at 9:47 am

    In my experience dogs don’t just bite for the sake of it. There’s usually some compelling reason.

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