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Here’s Another Big Republican Who Won’t Vote for Trump

by MadMikesAmerica

Carly Fiorina voted for Donald Trump in 2016 after running against him in the GOP primary, but he won’t be getting her vote in 2020. “I’ve been very clear that I can’t support Donald Trump,” she tells the Atlantic.

She was then asked if that meant she’d be voting for Joe Biden. “Well, it’s not ’til November,” she responded. “I’m not voting for Trump, but it’s a binary choice. So if faced with a binary choice on a ballot: yes.”

Interviewer Edward-Isaac Dovere asked how Fiorina could square a vote for Biden over Trump given her strong anti-abortion views. “If we care about life that’s unborn, we need to care about life that’s in this world, too,” she said. “And that means we actually have to make progress on criminal-justice reform and police reform,” as well as “systemic racism and structural racism.”

Fiorina, a former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, isn’t the first prominent Republican to say she won’t vote for Trump in November. John Bolton, for example, previously said so, though he added that he would write in a conservative candidate rather than vote for Biden.

Colin Powell, on the other hand, is in the Biden camp. George W. Bush and Mitt Romney also won’t be voting for Trump, while others, including GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Jeb Bush, are skeptical about him, according to a New York Times report.

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Via Newser.

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