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How Do You Show A Dog That You Love Them?

You show your dog you love them in many ways. Here are just a few….

  • Take your dog with you as much as possible. Dogs hate to be left alone.
  • Include your dog in your day to day life. Make sure they know that they are a part of your pack.
  • Give them kind and loving physical attention like petting, hugs kisses, scratching, rubbing
  • Play with your dog as much as possible.
  • Talk to your dog. Tell them you love them. Have conversations with them. They may not understand exactly what you are saying but they will feel your attention and love
  • Be consistent with your rules and discipline. Give your dog a structure to live within. They will feel safer and more comfortable
  • Be respectful of your dog’s feelings and needs. Be sure your dog has good food, freshwater, and nice treats. Be patient with your dog. Do not expect them to be the same as a human being. They have a different mindset and it is important that you understand how they see the world.
  • Protect your dog from harm as much as possible.
  • Provide your dog with a safe and comfortable home, sleeping area, and eating area.
  • Take the time to teach your dog how to act, integrate, and function in your family and in society. This allows you to take them with you to most places.
  • Take your dog out as much as possible to exercise, enjoy nature, meet other people and dogs.
  • Intelligent dogs need input and stimuli. Take them to new places so that they can explore and have new experiences.
  • Reinforce good behavior with loving words and actions. Tell your dog how good they are and thank them for being such a wonderful friend and companion.

Those are just a few suggestions I can think of at the moment as I look at my Golden Retriever, Piper, laying on the floor near me and watching me type this. I am sure she would have more suggestions but her toes are too wide to type.

From Quora.
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One Response to How Do You Show A Dog That You Love Them?

  1. Bill Formby Reply

    July 30, 2020 at 8:31 pm

    Mike, I know you covered this but I wanted to add this, love your dog as a best friend or a member of your family. Your dog can sense that love and will return it many times over.
    I recently went out to meet a dog for a possible adoption. It was a beautiful 4 year old Weimaraner. When I got there to meet the owner and the dog he (the dog) immediately got between me and his owner and let me know that while I could step into the yard, it would not e very far. I ask the man why he wanted to get rid of the dog He pointed to the dog’s behavior. Despite the man saying “it’s OK”. The dog, Rivers, was having none of it. Just then out comes his wife and three pretty young girls. Rivers had a tough time keeping himself between me ans the girls. The man apologized and said he was sorry. I ask him what he was sorry for, and he said Rivers behavior. I laughed and asked him what he expected Rivers to do. He said to stop barking and threatening me. I ask him why, he said because I have told him it was ok. I looked at this young family, the man was in his 30’s as was his wife and the girls were 12 and under. They lived on the Northern edge of Tuscaloosa by the lake. Rivers was still barking and I learned down and put out my hand to Rivers. A couple of times he eased over and sniffed it but he still was not letting me any further on the property. I asked the man how often he took Rivers to a dog park or just took him walking around other people. Never. I said OK, if you want to get rid of Rivers I will gladly take him, love to have him, but you would be making a big mistake. He said why? I told him that the dog was doing what he thought his job was. He is protecting his pack. I told him that the dog loves you and your family and would probably die protecting you, but you don’t appreciate it enough to get him socialized to being around other dogs or people. The man said “NO, we love Rivers and don’t want to get rid of him but we are afraid he is going to bit someone and have to be put down. I wrote down the name and number of a trainer in Birmingham and gave to the man. I said call this guy and get him to assess Rivers. If you still want to let me have him I will take him gladly. Just call me. I said good bye to Rivers and have not heard back from them. As far as I know Rivers is still in his happy home.

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