A Message From the Terrible American ‘ID’

You think you have me figured out, but you’re not even close You send pollsters to my owner’s phone and compile statistics.

20 Former US Attorneys: Trump’s Leadership A Threat To the Rule of Law

Twenty former U.S. attorneys threw their support behind Joe Biden Tuesday, calling Donald Trump “a threat to the rule of law in our country.” 

Pet MD: Do Fleas Die In Wintertime?

Though not as prolific during the winter, external parasites like fleas pose a risk to you and your pet’s health during every season.

What Are Common Injuries Sustained By Truck Drivers?

Truck drivers can sustain injuries due to collisions or repetitive motions, but strains and sprains are the most common.

Trump Strands Thousands Of Supporters At Freezing Omaha Airport

Trump left several thousand of his supporters stranded at Eppley Airfield after his event in Omaha Tuesday night.