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Trump Puts ‘Political Operatives’ In CDC

by Michael John Scott

During the Stalin era, political officers were stationed across the country to keep an eye on submarine and ship captains, as well as many others, to make certain they didn’t do or say anything that might go against the policies of the state and its leader.  Should anyone dare to go against Stalin and his policies they could well be executed, especially during the purge of 1937-1941.  Now, in 2020, the United States president is doing the same, by placing political operatives in the CDC.

Here is the summary from the Daily Beast.

The Trump administration has appointed two political operatives to posts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in an attempt to control the messaging on the coronavirus pandemic, the Associated Press reports.

The appointees arrived on the job without clear assignments or even offices before Nina Witkofsky was named acting chief of staff and Chester “Trey” Moeller became her deputy. Neither have any public-health background and are tasked with keeping Robert Redfield, the CDC director, and other top scientists in line, according to sources inside the agency and Trump administration who spoke to the AP.

The appointments of the “politicals” are meant to control leaks coming out of the agency that the sources said were “upsetting the apple cart” within the Trump White House.

Things are getting worse every day for America.  It appears November 3rd can’t come soon enough.

Read it at AP.

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