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Warning—What’s To Come When Trump Loses

Paul Krugman, Photo A/P, Getty Images

by Dartagnon, writing for Daily Kos

Economist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman, writing for the New York Times, warns that, given Trump’s abrupt dismissal this week of COVID-19 relief efforts intended to ease the economic suffering of Americans and American businesses, we must assume, based on all evidence, that his primary motivation is not rooted in any political calculus, but of pure, unadulterated spite. And because of that, the implications when he loses his bid for re-election on November 3rd, as current polls indicate is likely, are dire for the country.

[W]e got a preview of what a lame-duck Trump presidency might look like Tuesday. Trump hasn’t even lost yet, but he abruptly cut off talks on an economic relief package millions of Americans desperately need (although as of Thursday he seemed to be backtracking). And his motivation seems to have been sheer spite.

The necessity for further stimulus and relief to businesses shuttered by the pandemic and Americans facing prolonged unemployment, as a result, has been treated extensively on this site and elsewhere. Krugman, however, looks at the political ramifications of what Trump is doing, and comes away with one inarguable conclusion: for Trump, there is no political rationale at work here. What we are witnessing unfolding in real-time is a wholly emotional reaction, borne of rage and vindictiveness, by an unbalanced sociopath who is now training his fury at the American people.

Krugman carefully dissects and dismisses the excuses put forth by Senate Republicans (under the aegis of Mitch McConnell) for their failure to provide an aid package to the American people: that further aid would signify an implicit and unwelcome acknowledgment that government solutions are necessary in times of unprecedented crisis; that much of the aid being sought would go towards Democratically-run states; and that further unemployment aid will discourage people from returning to an unsafe work environment.

But none of these reasons make sense from a political standpoint. Americans are still hurting by the millions, hundreds of thousands of businesses are barely hanging on, and state budgets are collapsing. This is all occurring not just in “blue” states but in every state.

And, as he points out, it is not only Democrats but Wall Street itself that is expressing the need for further stimulus and COVID relief funding. It is the Federal Reserve that is expressing its exasperation at a president and Senate Majority leader who seem to have abandoned all sense of economic reality.

As far as I can tell, nobody has offered a plausible political motive, any way in which refusing even to try rescuing the economy helps Trump’s prospects. What this looks like, instead, is vindictiveness.


Yet getting a relief deal would have required accepting a compromise with that “nasty” woman Nancy Pelosi. And it seems that he would rather let the economy burn.

But if this is Trump’s attitude now, and despite all his machinations, despite William Barr’s phony witch hunts, despite his clarion call for assistance from the Russian Federation, despite his threats of violence and refusal to accept the election results, and despite Fox News’ incessant propaganda supporting him in these efforts, he does, in fact, lose on November 3rd, what will be his reaction? And what will someone with Trump’s vindictive mindset and complete lack of human empathy do to sabotage or destroy the country in the final two and one-half months before he is forced to leave?

The thing is, if he’s behaving like this now, when he still has some chance of winning, how will he act if he loses?

The most immediate concern is that he won’t accept the election results. But we should also be worried about what will follow if he is forced to accept the will of the people, but is still running the country. Trump has always been vindictive; what will he do if and when he has nothing left but spite?

It appears we are all about to find out. But one thing seems certain—whatever revenge Trump takes will be felt by all: Democrats, who he will see as the direct reason for his downfall, and Republicans, who he will see as having failed him.

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5 Responses to Warning—What’s To Come When Trump Loses

  1. Michael John Scott Reply

    October 9, 2020 at 12:35 pm

    Make no mistake Trump is coming for us when he loses, and his revenge will be a bitter pill for all, but particularly for the environment, health care, and all those things that liberals hold dear.

    • Call Me Steve Reply

      October 9, 2020 at 12:41 pm

      I’m hoping both Dems and Republicans join together so that he won’t get away with destroying the country in his vengeance based ride.

    • jess Reply

      October 10, 2020 at 6:53 pm

      Biden will be able to correct all of his shit with exec orders/ Let him do his worst because the fucker will be gone and a little bit of aggravation temporarily is ok.

      • Michael John Scott Reply

        October 10, 2020 at 9:55 pm

        I have to agree with that, given what we’ve put up with these last almost 4 years.

  2. Bill Formby Reply

    October 12, 2020 at 12:09 pm

    Regardless of what he tries to do it would be much worse if he were to win.

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