The Sunday Cartoon Is Our Weekly Nod To the World of Politics

It’s the holidays and thus time for us to look back on good people as well as bad. Mr. Loser gives us a peek at the bad.

Here Comes Santa Claus

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are my Gym days. I usually go at around noon since it’s less crowded and because many people are out of town.

What Happens When Covid Plays In the NFL

Yes, there’s still a pandemic because the original one never really left.

The Only Thing That’s Going Down Are the President’s Poll Numbers

The Only Thing That’s Going Down Are the President’s Poll Numbers.

A Sunday Cartoon: Guns, Guns, and More Guns…An American Pastime

Life in America today is different from your father’s America.

Stalking Christmas

He didn’t forget about us, and is right around the corner.

Planet B—A Place Like Earth—But Not Too Much Like Earth

A large branch of Mahayana Buddhism is concerned with a mythical pure land and the Amida Buddha.  I’m not going there both because I have doubts about reincarnation and because, I do admit, I’m not so pure at heart to qualify.

Fox News Guest: Ghoulish Trump Has Blood On His Hands

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) told Fox News on Sunday that former President Donald Trump is guilty of a “ghoulish” attempt to undermine the economy by downplaying the need for Covid-19 vaccinations.

Is Vigilante Justice A New Way Of Life In America?

What does the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse really mean?

Kyle Rittenhouse: Open Carry Equals Open Madness

Some things attract flies and other vermin. Some events do too, only we’ve become so self-deluded we tend to get away with calling them “peaceful protests”

The Inevitable Ticking Clock

If I were to write a detailed summary of what I think of Ron DeSantis, it would be lengthy. I saw what I expected: it was a request for money

Climate Summit: Paying Lip Service To a Killer

Let’s worry instead about who’s really ‘woke.

Disgusting Ted Cruz Forgets History of Conservatives Like Elvis Promoting Vaccines

Recently, the beloved Sesame Street character Big Bird went on television and social media to promote COVID-19 vaccines. For anyone who has been conscious for at least a few years, celebrities—especially ones with larger fanbases amongst the youth of the country—promoting public health initiatives is not surprising. It has been going on forever and ever.