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Here’s Why Renting a Car is Better Than Driving Your Own For a Trip

Car rental services have seen a rapid evolution over the past few years. From making your trip easier and more enjoyable to being the best economical option. If you haven’t thought of renting a car before, get ready to change your mind.

Once you find the joys of self-drive rentals, you never return to the passenger car seat. You can even use the active Turo coupons and discount codes to get a straight $25 off on your car rental. That’s just not it, there are several car rental platforms online, such as Hertz, Zipcar, etc., where you can book and rent a self-drive car. 

Here are 5 reasons to prove that self-driven car rental is the best option to choose, While going on a road trip with your dear ones.

  1. An Option to Try Unique Cars

One of the really common reasons why people use self-driven rental cars is because they can rent a different one each time.  With most online platforms like Turo, Hertz are offering a wide variety of rental models, you have the option of searching and selecting your favorite one. If you have a dream car that you can’t get, then it will be the perfect gift for you to rent it out for a trip. A road trip could be a perfect time to test a new vehicle for driving. You will need a larger car than more people you have to handle, more comfortably than you do during your regular driving. Not only that, driving a unique vehicle like a 4-4 Jeep for a road trip that could require more dirt roads than paved roads may be interesting.

  1. Cost effective

The cost involved is a very important factor to remember when taking your own car on a road trip. There are considerations of fuel, repair, and maintenance costs when you take your own vehicle, while when you hire a self-driven car, the only thing you spend on is the cost of car rental on your own. The established average of 53.5 cents per mile means that a 2,000-mile journey costs around $1,070 in fuel, repairs, and wear – and – tear on a family vehicle. 

This rate is subject to annual change, but rarely fluctuates more than a few cents per mile. For rental, a 2,000-mile trip spread over 10 days at a rental rate of $35 per day (including taxes and fees) is equivalent to $350. Particularly in comparison to the popular belief that rental cars are expensive, but platforms like Turo, Hertz, Zipcar offer self-driving cars with less than half of what your vehicle charges you.

  1. Worry free maintenance

Those highway miles could eventually cost you more expensive than renting. End result? It means that you’re closer to another maintenance visit to your mechanic, or maybe even a repair or replacement. Many new cars offer a warranty that lasts for at least three years. But when you have a three-year lease, most of the maintenance should be covered. Leasing agreements effectively reduce the chances of major unexpected costs. Many car rental service providers have guidelines in place for the repair and maintenance of vehicles. Potential misuse and damage to vehicles is in the care of the renters.

  1. Privacy Secured

When you’re traveling with your family or friends, you’d talk to each other about different things in the world, and even crack jokes. Imagine the frustration of snooping through all your interactions with an unknown driver, smirking at your dilemmas, and laughing at your jokes. When you rent a car for a trip outside the town that spans a few days, this gets even worse. It can ruin the driving spirit. On the other hand, you will have total privacy when you take a self-drive car rental service and have a nice time keeping maximum privacy. The guiding will be in your hands, and the way you like, you can have long discussions with your co-travelers.

  1. Best Alternate For Safety 

Rental car providers have told employees that their vehicles are properly washed and virus-free in the midst of the pandemic, when safety is the main concern of customers. In washing and sanitizing the cars before and after each use, car rental companies take utmost care, ensuring exceptional standards of hygiene. Before delivering it to you, they would ensure that the vehicle is correctly sanitized and is safe to drive. 

  1. Freedom of driving

You will still have to be reliant on the driver whether you take a cab or a taxi. It is a little awkward to ask the driver to stop and can also be annoying for the driver himself. However, you can love driving at your own speed and in your direction while taking a self-drive car rental service. It has become easier for consumers of car rentals to locate the correct vehicle based on their needs. If one wants a car for a holiday, attending a business conference, or simply driving with family to another area, car rental services provide a wide range of vehicles only at the click of a button to fit the needs of a person.

  1. 7. Easy documentation & insurance paperwork 

When driving through states, insurance paperwork and documentation are required for certain cars, which is often checked by the highway police department, requiring additional permits. As arranging them takes time, the absence of these documents can be quite a problem. On the other side, a rental car comes well fitted with all such records and necessary paperwork.

These are the reasons that prove that the best option to choose is self-driven car rental, when going on a road trip with your loved ones. So it’s time to ditch the cab and your own car and go for a self-drive rental. To have the time of your life this weekend, all you need is a packed backpack, your excitement and a self-driven car rental service.

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